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New York Child Care Provider

Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Child Care Provider

Where children develop a passion for learning! Ivy Prep is a child care provider which promotes the idea that each child is their own unique individual with their own personalized and preferred methods of learning. So, our instructors, classrooms, and curriculums all work together to encourage natural learning behaviors. We also believe that compassionate care can encourage new students to develop a love for learning which can only be established in these early years. So, we’re dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere which is focused on both individualized and compassionate child care!

A Thoughtful Curriculum for Each Age

Each of our programs is designed specifically to meet the needs of each age group of young children. The human brain does much of its developing in the earliest years. So, we know that when we identify these different stages of growth and incorporate curriculum which is focused on the development of a specific age, our students have a better chance at retaining what they’ve learned. Each of our programs offers a different, innovative curriculum which is designed to inspire every child to identify and shape their own methods of learning.

Providing Care and Establishing Learning Techniques for Families

Being a parent is hard. But, it’s even harder when you can’t be around your child all day long. While daycare is needed so that you can go to work and provide for your family’s needs, many daycare facilities don’t incorporate early learning strategies which may be important to you as a parent. That’s why we’ve established the five Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy locations. We understand that children start learning and taking in the world around them from a very early age. And, daycare may not be stimulating optimal learning or providing the needed resources to help children get the most out of these early days in life. So, to fill this important education industry gap, we’ve come up with different programs and curriculums which help to provide children with the learning you expect and desire as a parent!

Our Dedication to Helping Families

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we aren’t just a daycare. We know what it takes to provide children with the tools they need to become superstar learners and scholars! And, that comes with a lot of dedication. Here, all of our compassionate staff are trained, certified, and licensed to ensure every single child’s safety and optimal development. Plus, our age-specific programs allow for our high staff to student ratio, meaning that your child will be in an appropriate classroom size with instructors only an arm’s length away.

Become a Part of the Ivy Prep Family Today

By choosing to enroll your children in the early learning programs offered for ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, or our afterschool program for children up to age 12, you’re choosing to be a part of the Ivy Prep family! We are a completely family owned and operated organization that believes in the bonds shared between parents, children, and their educational instructors. So, we make it our mission to provide every parent with information regarding their child’s development progress. Every child is graded according to our curriculum rubrics to ensure that each individual is meeting or exceeding childhood development expectations. Grading is based upon each child’s social, cognitive, communicative, and physical accomplishments or setbacks. This way, every parent is aware of their child’s unique learning capabilities and every child is ready for the next step on the ladder of education!

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With locations in Bayside,  Staten Island, and the Bronx,
we provide education opportunities to all New York families!

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