Get Your Young Child Excited to Learn Math with These Tips

Ivy Prep Team on July 15, 2019

All too often, kids walk into an educational environment already dreading one subject: mathematics. But, even if you loathe this learning subject and had trouble with math in school yourself, it doesn’t mean that your child is destined for the same fate. And, even if you’re worried about your child not liking math in school, there are a few things you can do to instill a love for math. This way, your child can learn math without having a preconceived notion that it’s something bad or unfun. Rather, they can benefit from being excited to learn more math and are prepared to engage in this subject when they’re introduced to it in school.

Don’t Maintain Feelings of Hate Toward Math at an Early Age

Our children learn from us. How we act and what we say in front of young children matters. So, even if you hate math deep down inside your soul with a burning passion, it’s best not to showcase this disdain to your child. This way, they can develop their own opinions of math without a tainted view. Certainly, your child will be more willing to dive into a subject unknown to them rather than one which has already been established as “hard” or “more challenging than others”. To practice this, speak about math in a positive way. Undoubtedly, this will set them up to be excited about math, rather than dread having to learn math in general.

Get Your Young Child Excited to Learn Math with These TipsTry Reading to Your Child Books that Include Math Concepts

There are children’s books about basically any and everything, even math! Try reading your child books that instill math concepts as a way to get them engaged and interested in math. Essentially, this is a great way to introduce math in a way that’s fun, colorful, and even interesting. And, it’s as easy as reading the words on a page!

Start Using Math Exercise Tools

Plenty of children games and even smartphone apps may help your child begin to learn and understand simple math concepts. This way, your child will be familiar with simple math equations like adding and subtracting before it’s even introduced in an educational environment. And, they’re even fun to use! Check out various online games, phone apps, or even your local supermarket for math-centered games.

Choose an Early Learning Environment That Encourages Math Concepts

Finally, one of the best things you can do to prepare your child for a successful future in math and other academic subjects is to enroll him or her in an early learning environment. Rather than a daycare whose main objective is to watch your child throughout the day, an early learning environment also includes learning curriculums. This way, your young children can begin to learn academic concepts before even enrolling in preschool or kindergarten. This can help to secure a love for learning in your child before they’re even in school. And, give them the opportunity to begin to love math before it overwhelms them in a future school setting.

Consider Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy for Your Young Children

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