What is Self Management and How Can it Benefit My Kids?

Ivy Prep Team on January 5, 2019

As a parent, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to help them grow and be the best version of themselves. It’s not always easy to know what’s best for your little ones. It can be a big challenge to figure out how to help them develop important life skills. How do you best instill important values and characteristics in your growing children? It can definitely be hard to navigate through the world of parenthood!

But, with a few tips here and there, you can figure out the best ways to approach these matters in your kids’ lives. One of the areas in which you may need to help your kids is in the area of self management skills. But, what is self management? What exactly does it mean to have self management skills? And how can you help your kids to develop in this area of their lives? Well, these are all great questions that should be answered! So, let’s talk a little bit about this subject as it regards to your growing little ones.

What is Self Management All About?

Alright, so we’ve been talking about managing oneself. But, by this time, you’re probably wondering, “What is self management?” After all, it’s not exactly something people talk about that often. Or is it? Although people don’t exactly go around saying the phrase “self management” all the time, people talk about the importance of having these skills. To have self management skills is basically to have the ability to, well, manage yourself. Yes, it means to be able to take care of yourself and use self-help skills. But it also means to understand and manage your emotions. Everyone experiences anger, excitement, sadness, joy, and lots of other emotions. They’re the body’s’ natural response to various situations. But it’s important to know how to work with and through those emotions. For example, although anger is sometimes the natural response, we still have to learn how to avoid violent, harmful, or rude behavior.

To have self management skills means to have the ability to keep calm in stressful situations. When a person is able to manage themselves and control their feelings, they can also adjust to new settings and surroundings more easily. Self management skills help us to successfully interact with others. That’s because when we learn more about ourselves and how to behave and manage our feelings, we can better understand the feelings of others. This allows us to do a better job of communicating and helps us through situations that involve problem-solving. Finally, self management is also about having an understanding of time management and self-care. Now that we’ve answered the “what is self management” question, let’s talk about how you can help your kids to develop these skills!

Helping Your Kids Develop Self Management Skills

There are a few things you can do to help your kids build up their self management skills. Let’s discuss just a few of them now.

Set expectations for your children. Let your little ones know what kind of behavior is acceptable. Also, let them know what’s not okay and why. It’s important to explain why certain behavioral patterns aren’t helpful.

Show them how it’s done. Your kids are watching you, whether or not you realize it. So, it’s important to be an example!

Encourage respect towards others. Help your kids to understand the importance of showing respect to other people. Help them to learn how to treat everyone well. Whether it’s a grandparent, a classmate, the waiter at your local diner, or a teacher, we should show respect to each person.

Encourage independence in various areas of life. This includes lots of things, such as getting dressed in the morning, preparing school lunch, and independent learning practices.

Establish routines, patterns, and schedules. Having a set routine can help kids to learn how to operate on a schedule. This is a great skill to develop in childhood as time management is a big part our lives in adulthood, as well.

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we are dedicated to helping children to develop in all areas of life. We provide an environment where kids can develop cognitively, emotionally, socially, and academically! For more information about our services, just contact us today!


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