What Are Some of the Advantages of Early Child Care?

Ivy Prep Team on April 24, 2018

Often, people wonder if it’s worth it to enroll their kids in an early child care facility. Does it help my children? Isn’t it just like any other daycare? Should I have a family member or friend take care of my little ones during the day? What are the benefits of a child care center? What if my kids don’t like it? Parents who love their children and are concerned about their experiences should definitely ask questions like these. It’s important to know as much as you can about early child care and how it can help your kids before you enroll them. So, we’ve got a little bit of info about the advantages of entrusting your little ones to the amazing teachers at an early child care center.

What Exactly is Early Child Care?

“Early childhood” is a term that describes the stage kids are in before they reach the age of 8. So, early child care is a type of program or combination of programs which parents can use to provide care for kids under 8 years old. Children who are a part of an early child care program do receive adult supervision. But, it’s much more than babysitting or daycare. Instead, early child care programs offer kids education and development in several aspects, including social and cognitive.

Why Does My Child Need It?

It only makes sense to wonder if you should place your little one in an early child care facility. Sometimes, parents aren’t sure if a center like this is actually necessary. Children often feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. So, parents may opt to hire an in-home child care provider. They might bring in a nanny, family member, or trusted friend. Of course, most kids will feel more cozy in the comfort of their own homes or at the homes of family friends. But, as we mentioned, early child care centers offer more than just trustworthy caretakers. They seek to help your kids grow in a healthy and developmental way. You know your child better than anyone else. So, it’s important to evaluate your child’s development and decide whether or not a child care facility can really benefit your family. However, more times than none, children learn quite a bit in an early child care center!

What Are the Benefits?

One of the coolest things about early child care centers is the fact that they offer kids a chance to grow socially. Your kids will be surrounded by other children their age. And, the kids will be able learn from each other in a way that will surprise you! You’ll be blown away by how much information kids can take in from and give to their peers. Social development is something children can’t really get unless they’re given the opportunity. Early child care facilities offer them that chance.

As your kids begin to get more social interaction, they’ll learn great ideals, like teamwork and sharing. Yes, siblings learn things like this at home. But, when your kids are in a new environment, working with children they don’t know from home, they can learn different ways to communicate. Your children will need skills like this as they grow older. In fact, you continue to develop this skill in adulthood as you encounter people at work and in other daily activities.

Education! Who doesn’t love to learn? Your children will definitely learn the value of education as they learn along with their friends. At an early child care center, your kids can learn from trained and professional educators. These teachers understand the importance of individualized learning. So, your kids will get information from other adults who want to care for your kids! Your children can grow in areas of counting, spelling, art, and so much more!

Have You Thought About Ivy Prep?

So, now you know some of the benefits of enrolling your children in an early child care program. Now, it’s time to find a great facility where your little ones can learn and grow! Have you considered Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy? If not, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out more information about our learning center!


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