Here are Some Vocabulary Building Activities for Kids!

Ivy Prep Team on November 23, 2018

You can see clear signs of your kids’ growth as they become taller. You’ll see that they’re once tiny hands and feet are becoming bigger in size and their bodies grow. You will also see signs of development in your children! Not only will their little bodies grow, but their minds will also develop. They will show signs of this development in many different areas of life. But, one of the clearest signs of cognitive, or mental, development can be found in speech. Every parent really looks forward to hearing what their baby’s first word will be. It’s exciting to hear your child becoming more expressive! And, it’s so much fun to be able to converse with your kids using words and language. As your children age, it’s important that they gain a bigger vocabulary. So, let’s talk about some vocabulary building activities you can use to help the process!

About Vocabulary and Cognitive Development

Most people may not realize it, but children can speak and think of hundreds and hundreds of words by the time they are 3 years old. In fact, by this age, it’s believed that kids have close to 1,000 words in their vocabulary! And, if that isn’t already enough to excite you, it’s possible that your children who are between the ages of 6 and 8 have developed over 8,000 words! Of course, children may sometimes have a difficult time stringing those words together to make proper sentences. It can be hard for them to use words in the proper tense. And many children have trouble expressing their thoughts or emotions with the right words. But, even so, the fact that little ones are able to absorb, understand, and use so many words at such a young age is amazing!

As you can see, there is definitely a lot going on in the cognitive area of your child’s life. Just like you’ve seen growth spurts and changes in your child’s physical body, his or her mind is also developing quite a bit. And you can certainly see the signs of this development in the way your child is communicating with you and others around him or her. Now, let’s discuss some vocabulary building activities for kids!

The Importance of Vocabulary Building Activities

Here are Some Vocabulary Building Activities for Kids!Okay, so before we get to the fun part about vocabulary building activities, let’s talk about why they’re so important. Why should parents work to help their little ones develop their vocabularies? Well, again, children have quite an extensive vocabulary by the time they’re about years old. And they have an unbelievable capacity and capability to learn even more. Vocabulary is an extremely important part of learning. Yes, it helps kids to gain more academic understanding. But, a vast vocabulary also helps little ones to function in regular, everyday life as they communicate with peers and family members. And, as a parent, you can help your kids in this area by implementing vocabulary building activities. Now, on to the list!

  • Encourage expression as much as you can. Help your kids to find words for things they want to explain.
  • Read together as often as possible. Ask questions to ensure comprehension.
  • Have detailed conversations with your kids. Encourage both simple and complex sentences.
  • Help your little ones to develop good listening skills. We can learn a lot about speaking by simply listening to others!

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we love to be a part of the growth and development processes of the children in our care! So, if you’re looking for a facility that will nurture your children in all areas of their lives, just contact us today!


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