What Type of Learner is Your Child? The Four Learning Styles

Ivy Prep Team on January 12, 2018

Everyone learns in their own way. But, in early childhood development, it’s important to recognize which type of learning style your child may adopt. This way, you can introduce various methods and techniques into their daily routines and education to help with learning. And, educating yourself on the four learning styles may even help you to determine which learning style you may have adopted throughout your lifetime. This can help you to understand further how you are teaching your children in your home life and adjust to their own learning styles.

The Four Learning Styles

What Type of Learner is Your Child? The Four Learning StylesThere are four learning styles that children may utilize. And, once a learning style is identified, individuals usually learn in this way for the remainder of their lives. However, some individuals may utilize two or even three types of learning styles or display multiple aspects of each learning style. Additionally, it’s not just during school that your child will use their learning style to understand new things. Learning styles are used without intention to help individuals take in the world around them and discover information. The four learning styles are auditory, analytical, kinesthetic, and visual.

The Auditory Learner

The auditory learner will learn best by hearing sounds and words. You can tell someone is an auditory learner when they can repeat lessons or even songs after hearing them once. And, they’re usually very good at expressing themselves with words. Other signs someone may be an auditory learner include:

  • Being able to recite information previously heard word for word
  • Needing to have instructions read aloud
  • Difficulty understanding written directions
  • Talking to themselves when learning something new
  • Incline for music and playing instruments
  • Enjoying group activities rather than lone assignments

The Analytical Learner

This type of learner enjoys taking in pieces of information one at a time. But, they can do so rather quickly, making them able to retain mass amounts of information in a single sitting. Rather than looking at the bigger picture, analytical learners break down information to understand it better. Some common signs of analytical learners may include:

  • A passion for comprehending how things work
  • Able to process information logically
  • Constantly asking questions to gain insight
  • Mathmematically inclined
  • Good at games which include strategy

The Kinesthetic Learner

The kinesthetic learner is also frequently referred to as the “hands-on” learner. They learn best by actively participating in activities and staying in constant movement. Rather than learning from structured lectures, this type of learner needs physical activity to get the most out of educational tools. Other characteristics of the kinesthetic learner may include:

  • Passionate about sports or other physical activity
  • Move around when trying to obtain new information
  • Use hands and body motion to provide others with information
  • Talented at using hands to write, draw, or craft
  • Early development with physical skill activities like crawling, walking, running, and riding bicycles

The Visual Learner

This type of learner gains information and learns best when information is presented in images or words visually. People who learn visually can remember what they’ve seen or read for long amounts of time. It’s thought that most individuals are visual learners, so many of the educational tools used in classrooms today focus on visual aspects of providing information. Other characteristics of the visual learner may include:

  • Remembering long numbers after seeing them once
  • Portraying a strong imagination
  • Good with maps and direction
  • Loves reading as a hobby
  • Awareness for surroundings

The Four Learning Styles at Ivy Prep

Here at Ivy Prep, we believe that any child with any type of learning style should get the education they need. Our instructors actively work to understand how each of our students learn best so they may be on the same page with other learners of the same age group. If you’re looking for an early learning academy which keeps each child’s learning style in mind during day to day educational methods, come see what we offer at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy. If you’d like to schedule a visit to one of our locations, give us a call today at (866) 216-6750.


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