Toddler Pom Pom Sort

Ivy Prep Team on November 30, 2017

Children have a natural desire to make sense of their world, to create order in a world that seems largely out of their control. For that reason, sorting activities often attract children. In fact, many children will start sorting things without even being taught. Many parents have likely walked into a room to see their young child putting their blocks or other toys in piles based on color or some other category.

Materials Needed:

Muffin Tin

Different colored construction paper

Matching colored pom-poms (assorted sizes)


1. Cut different colored circles out of the construction paper. Cut to fit the bottom of each well in the muffin tin.

2. Place the circles in the bottom of each muffin tin. Use at least 4 different colors.

3. Place the pom-poms in a bowl or other container.

4. Encourage your child to try and match the colors by placing the pom-poms in the matching spot in the muffin tin.


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