Swimming Safety Tips for Parents of Young Children

Ivy Prep Team on June 27, 2019

It’s officially summertime! The warm months every child looks forward to, filled with fun and excitement. As a family, you may choose to spend time together in the wild outdoors. Whether it’s camping, a road trip to the beach, or utilizing your home town for local events, there’s always something fun to do during this time of year. Regardless of what your summer plans consist of, you’re bound to have some time spent swimming to cool off from these long, hot days. Certainly, when you have small children, swimming safety should be one of your top concerns when going on fun swimming adventures this summer. So, in this article, we’ve come up with a few swimming safety tips parents can use.

Consider Signing Your Child up for Swimming Lessons

Swimming Safety Tips for Parents of Young ChildrenIf you want your child to know the basics of swimming safety, the best way to go about teaching them is having a licensed instructor do so for you. Find a community pool in your area to look for summer swimming lesson programs. And, sign your child up so they can get started on learning the best methods and tips for swimming safely. During swimming lessons, your child will first learn how to float if they were to ever find themselves in water. He/she will also learn basic swimming styles and even gain more confidence in the water as they share lessons with peers. Finally, once your child has been to a few classes, you can begin working on what he or she has learned together. Practice what your child has learned and go over safety methods so they are reminded of these important practices.

Make Sure Your Child is ALWAYS Supervised

Obviously, to make sure your child is safe while he or she swims, you’ll want to be near to ensure their safety. However, this may be more challenging than it seems. If you’re not around to watch your child swim, make sure an adult you trust is there to do so. Furthermore, discuss with your child about the importance of NEVER swimming without an adult who has given permission to do so present. This way, they will be less likely to attempt to swim without you or another adult around. Finally, when you’re watching your child or children swim, try not to become too distracted. And always stay close enough so you may come to the rescue if your child needs you to.

Invest in Child Swimming Aids

Along with teaching your child to swim and providing supervision for safety, swimming aids can help to provide some more safety. While these aids are never meant to be utilized as lifesaving devices, they can help to provide your child with some swimming confidence. Of course, this can make learning how to swim a lot more fun. Additionally, swimming aids can help to prevent any swimming accidents, as young children may not be adept enough at swimming just yet.

Taking Summer Swimming Safety Tips to the Next Level

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is safe regardless of what time of year it is. But, there are simply going to be times where you can’t be there to do so. If you’re looking for summer care for your child, Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy offers a safe and structured environment for young children. This way, they can learn to love learning at a young age. And, develop the social, cognitive, and emotional skills they’ll need for a bright and successful academic future.

Developing Good Personal Hygiene Practices in Children

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