Summer Safety Tips

Ivy Prep Team on November 30, 2017

Now that Memorial Day has passed its likely that you will be spending more time outside with your children. What better time to go over some easy summer safety tips.


Buckle up! Make sure your following the car seat and booster seat laws and set a good example and make sure you are buckled up as well.
Put away the cell phone, turn down the music, and ask the kids to use their inside voices. Staying focus is important when driving.
Look before your Lock – never leave a child along in the car. Did you know that when its 93 degrees outside in only 20 minutes the temperature inside the car can get up to 125 degrees?

Wear a helmet and wear it correctly. All helmets should be snug to the head. If your helmet is more than 3 years old or cracked it should be replaced.
Make sure all children are riding bikes that are the correct size.
Be aware of traffic while riding, never assume a car or bus can see you.
On the Playground

Touch the playground equipment to make sure it’s safe for your child.
Dress for play leave the sandals at home to avoid any extra bumps and bruises.
In the Water

Teacher your child about swimming survival.
For children who haven’t quite gotten the hang of swimming use a life jacket or other floatation device while in the water.
In General

Apply sunscreen to reduce the change of sunburn. Don’t like the idea of sunscreen? Limit your outdoor time and be sure to wear a hat and cover yourself.
Drink plenty of water.
Nothing protects your child better than your presence! Make sure to keep an eye on then at all times. In most cases you can step in before an accident happens.


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