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    • Infant Program

      Infant Program

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      Toddler Program

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      Twos Program

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      Junior Preschool

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      Preschool Program

    Why choose Ivy Prep Early learning Academy of Staten Island?

    Combining compassionate care with effective teaching strategies

    Here at the Ivy Prep Early Learning Staten Island location, we offer complete daycare for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. Here, we offer programs for children of specific ages so they may develop social skills on par with children of their age. And, present learning curriculums designed to bring about cognitive, emotional, and social development in children before they are immersed in higher education.

    Each age and program we offer at our Staten Island daycare center offers curriculum which centers around the essential domains of learning. These include early math, logic and reasoning, language, literacy, language acquisition, social and emotional development, nature and science, technology, creative art, and social studies. By combining all of these modules of learning in our early learning programs, we strive to prepare children for a future of successful learning and development unmatched by any other type of early life daycare opportunities.

    Furthermore, as a family-owned and operated facility, we understand that care for your child that goes above and beyond education is vital. That’s why we strive to involve parents and families with our compassionate care to create lasting bonds between our staff and the families who trust us with caring for their children.

    If you’re looking for a place you can trust to care for and teach your child in the earliest years of life, schedule to tour our daycare Staten Island location today


    Enroll before the end of the month to get one week free along with free registration!




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