How to Start Encouraging Creativity in Your Kids

Ivy Prep Team on March 23, 2018

Your kids are growing and learning new things everyday. They are constantly receiving and processing more information. Children may not always express all of their thoughts to you. But, their cognitive functions are always in motion. That’s why it’s important to begin encouraging creativity in your kids. Giving them a platform to express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas is a great way to help your kids develop and grow!

How To Start Encouraging Creativity

The first thing you should do is offer your kids a place to create. This could be a playroom. It might be a play area in the backyard. Maybe, it’s a space at the kitchen table while you prepare dinner. Let your kids know that this is the area you’ve created for them. Show them that you’re excited to see what they draw with their crayons or build with their blocks. Of course, this is not the only space where they should be “allowed” to create. But, it’s a good starting point. You’re encouraging creativity in your kids in a familiar place (your home). This will lead them to feel more comfortable expressing their creativity outside of your home, like at school.

Another great thing to do is to inspire imagination. Read with your children. Ask them questions about what you read. You can ask things like, “How would you feel if you were this character?” Encourage them to think critically and imaginatively about what they’re reading. If your kids are much younger and not as expressive yet, they might use their imagination in a more physical way. This might be done in the form of dress up or adventure games.

Foster creativity by limiting movie/TV time. Play games with your kids. Do easy and fun science experiments. Make up games together! Try to get the whole family involved in activities like this. If your kids are old enough, ask them to help you bake a special treat. Then, celebrate them for helping you to create something tasty!

Answer their questions. We all know that kids like to ask “why” often. This is a good thing. Curiosity is a result of attentiveness and observation. Do your best to answer questions for your kids. Yes, even if your son is asking why you put the milk in the fridge instead of the cupboard! Your child has a lot to learn about this world, as do you. So, learn together!

If your kids attend school or some other sort of facility that takes care of them, you can still influence them. Practice encouraging creativity by asking questions. When you get together with your child after work, ask him or her about the best part of the day. Encourage them to explain how they felt about that particular event. Ask them what else makes them feel that way.

Tell jokes! Nothing gets kids laughing like a silly knock-knock joke. The more kids laugh, the more they’ll want to laugh. They will also want to see others laugh with them. You all can learn new jokes together. Help your children come up with jokes of their own. You’ll be surprised by what they come up with!

Creativity and Expression at Ivy Prep

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we aspire to foster the creativity and imagination of every child we care for. Our professional teachers and staff are trained to make sure your kids are able to express themselves. We encourage kids to share their feelings, communicate with others, learn how to use their skills, and just have fun! If you’re looking for a great place for your kids to develop and grow, contact us! You can schedule a tour and see the classrooms for yourself! Our goal is to work alongside you to start encouraging creativity in your children’s lives.


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