Some Info About Social Development in Preschoolers

Ivy Prep Team on September 26, 2018

Your little one is in preschool! This means he or she is around 3 or 4 years old. This is a wonderful stage in your child’s life. Children around this age are learning so much more about the world around them. They’re gaining so much information about life and learning. What a fun age! Not only are your little ones developing cognitively, but they’re also growing emotionally! They’re learning more about how to express and respond to their emotions. They’re also gaining more knowledge about how to respond to and understand the emotions of others. This is one of the ways in which their social growth is spurred. Let’s talk a little more about social development in preschoolers!

What is Social Growth and Development?

Some Info About Social Development in PreschoolersAs you know, kids develop cognitively as they get older. From the moment they are born, children learn to examine their surroundings. They listen to the voices they hear and they recognize faces. They make sounds and learn ways of communicating. And they do all of these things before they can even speak! Even before they learn to walk, they develop in other ways. Now, as children age, they learn to do more, physically and mentally speaking. They learn to grab things, crawl, walk, jump. And they learn to express their thoughts and converse with others.

But, in addition to all of these areas of growth, children also develop socially as they grow older. This means that they not only learn to speak, but they learn the art of communication. They learn how to have successful and meaningful interactions. And they develop healthy relationships with their peers. This is what we mean by social growth and development! Now, let’s take a look at some of the milestones of social development in preschoolers. These milestones are things you may have already seen or will soon see in the life of your 3- or 4-year-old!

Social Development In Preschoolers

At this stage in life, your preschooler is going through a lot of changes. But, these changes are far from bad. Instead, they show signs of your child’s growth and development in the various areas of his or her life! One of the signs of social development in preschoolers is a change in play. Little ones around this age may show more use of their imagination in play. This is where you might see a lot of creative role play games. Speaking of which, these games are an indication that your little one has begun to develop more in social interaction with others. Children who are around the preschool age generally start to enjoy creative and imaginative play with their peers!

This is a big change from the independent play that many younger little ones seem to enjoy. Another sign of social development in preschoolers is, you’ve got it, making friends! This is probably one of the most exciting things you might see as a parent. Your preschooler will begin to be excited about spending time with others. Kids in this stage can start learning about solving conflicts and being emotionally connected to peers.

Your Child’s Social Growth at Ivy Prep

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we work to make sure your kids have a fun, positive learning environment where they can grow and develop in all areas of their lives. Social, physical, emotional, communicative, and cognitive growth are all very important to us. So, if you’re looking for a place where your kids can develop in a healthy way, just contact us! We would love the opportunity to help you and your family benefit from all of the great experiences an early learning center has to offer!


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