Early Child Care Helps Social Development in Children!

Ivy Prep Team on December 4, 2018

Children are so fun and unpredictable! No two kids are the same. This can be both a source of excitement and a challenge. Of course, it’s great fun to see how different each of your children really are. Watching them grow and display their individual personalities can be extremely entertaining! But, it can also be challenging to understand the needs of each of your children. After all, your little ones are all unique so each child has their own, social needs. How do you make sure that each one gets the amount of social interaction he or she needs in order to develop in the way that is best for them? How do you cater to each of your little one in a way that suits them? It’s not always easy to know what’s best. But, early child care can help you meet the needs of social development in children!

All About Social Development in Children

Child growth and development is composed of a lot of different areas. Children grow physically and gain more strength in their arms and legs. This allows them to move around more easily. They also develop cognitively and learn more about the things that are going on around them. Children also develop emotionally and become more expressive about the way they feel. Emotional development also allows kids to be aware of the emotions and feelings of others. This breeds the beginning of feelings of empathy and compassion. In addition to cognitive and emotional development, children also develop socially. Social development in children is a somewhat generalized area of growth. This is because, in a way, it includes emotional and cognitive development. As kids become more aware of their surroundings and how things work in their world, they can become more socially involved. Basically, learning about people and feelings produces social development!

Even the shyest of little ones needs social interaction every once in a while. Interacting and communicating with others is how we gain a deeper understanding of the people in our world. Not only do we better understand other people, but we also become more aware of our own selves when we spend time with others. That’s right! We can learn more about who we are by getting to know others. Essentially, humans learn by watching and spending time with other humans. We learn how to express our emotions and gain an understanding of how we like to be treated as a result of being around other people. Social development in kids is no different! And as your children interact with their peers in a social setting, they will learn more about how to have successful communication and interactions! Now, let’s discuss how child care can help!

The Connection Between Early Child Care and Social Growth

What exactly does early child care have to do with social development in children? We’re glad you asked! Early child care is about more than providing supervision for your kids. It’s about providing an atmosphere where children can learn, grow, and develop together. Early child care centers work to offer children learning opportunities in every area of their lives. Kids can have the chance to spend time in an environment that caters to their specific needs and learning styles. Early learning centers also work to help kids become more comfortable in social settings as they work alongside their peers. Making friends, solving conflicts, learning to share, and becoming more expressive are all parts of social development in children. And your kids can have the chance to experience those parts of growth and development in an early child care center!

If you’re interested in giving your kids a place to spend time with their peers while learning and having fun, contact us here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy!


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