Spotting the Signs of Early Childhood Learning in Your Baby

Ivy Prep Team on May 28, 2018

We’re sure you’ve heard the well-known phrase, “You learn something new every day”. It’s definitely a true saying. How often do you gain information about something you’ve never even thought about? It happens all the time, even without us realizing it. But, when does learning begin? In preschool? How about in middle school? At adulthood? Of course not! Learning begins in infancy! Even now, your little babies are gathering information. Their young minds are processing that knowledge in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. And, even if your infants can’t express their thoughts yet, the brain is working hard to store info that your child will use for the rest of their lives. So, let’s take a look at some of the signs of early childhood learning in your infant.

About Early Childhood Learning

So, what exactly is early childhood learning? Well, it’s basically what it sounds like. It’s the receiving and processing of information in young children. In more simpler terms, early childhood learning is a term that describes early childhood learning describes how kids learn. It usually refers to younger children, between birth and about 8 years of age. Yes, early childhood learning does indeed begin early! So, as a parent, you will begin to notice your child gaining knowledge about the world around him or her, even as a baby. You’ll see them grow and learn at an incredible rate. Most parents are blown away by the pace at which their kids learn. That’s because early childhood learning happens without being forced. And, what your baby learns at his or her unique pace is absolutely remarkable!

Your Infant’s Learning

Okay, so we know that even babies are learning something new every day. But, what are they learning? Honestly, your infant is learning quite a bit. Within about one or two months after your baby is born, you’ll see some changes in behavior as early childhood learning begins. You might see your little one learn how to respond to specific sounds and colors. Infants at this age are also starting to learn how to focus on an object for a longer amount of time. Infants also begin to progress in the area of face recognition. They’ll be able to recognize who you are even if you’re far away. As your baby grows, he or she will start to smile and laugh, too!

Around about the age of one, early childhood learning manifests itself in your baby’s communication skills. Near or after your child’s first birthday, you might notice that he or she is learning how to better express desires and needs. Kids around this age might start calling for “mama” and “dada”. One- and two-year-olds also understand simple words and instructions. They’re learning how to get around and reach for items they want to hold (or chew!) All of these and more are things infants are constantly learning to do more effectively.

Encouraging Infant Learning

You may be wondering how to help your kids through this early learning period. It’s important to make sure your children get as much as possible out of this stage in their lives. One of the things you can do is enroll them in an early childhood learning center!

Here at Ivy Prep Early Childhood Academy, we love to watch kids learn and grow. We provide a safe and educational environment where young children can develop and grow in various ways. Our educators are dedicated to the success of your children. We know that every little one is different, so we work to make education an individual and productive journey for your kids. If you’re interested in our child care programs, please call us today!


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