Considering Siblings Sharing a Room – Is it a Good Idea?

Ivy Prep Team on May 29, 2019

If you have more than one child, you may be considering a few space-saving options for your home. Especially if you live in New York City, you know the challenge of space saving to utilize the most from your home space. But, when you have more than one child, saving space can be even more of a challenge. That’s probably why you’re considering siblings sharing a room. But, is this a good idea? In this article, we identify both the pros and cons of siblings sharing a room so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Some Benefits of Siblings Sharing a Room

Considering Siblings Sharing a Room - Is it a Good Idea?Certainly, there are some benefits when considering having siblings share a room. Some of these benefits may include:

Practice Sharing: When siblings share a room, they have to practice sharing! For children, sharing isn’t something that’s easily graspable. Humans are selfish creatures who need to practice empathy to understand its importance. What better way to practice sharing than with a sibling? Siblings who share a room may be more adaptable to sharing in other settings with other children.

Encourages Play: Children who don’t share a room with a sibling may not be as willing to play with their siblings. But, those who do share a room are forced to play in each other’s presence. This can evoke a playful atmosphere and encourage both children to utilize their imaginations together rather than alone.

Bonding: Siblings who spend more time together may be better bonded to one another. While it may take time to get used to, after a while, siblings can learn to depend on one another to become a team through the bonding experience of sharing a room.

Being There for One Another: Children who sleep in a room with their siblings may sleep better throughout the night as they have one another for comfort. Instead of coming to a parent’s bed to find comfort, they can more easily find this with one another.

Some Disadvantages of Siblings Sharing a Room

While there are a number of advantages to siblings sharing a bedroom, there are also some cons that parents should be aware of. Being aware of both the pros and cons can help to make a more informed decision. Some of the disadvantages of siblings sharing a room can include:

Different Bedtimes: Unless your children are twins, they’re of different ages. And, different aged children may have different bedtimes throughout their childhood. Typically, this may cause some issues as one child needs to go to bed while the other child is sleeping.

Different Mornings: Because of the different bedtime schedules, siblings who share a room may wake up at different times too. This means that one may be woken by the other, which can lead to challenges.

Fighting: Closer quarters and sharing toys can lead to some sibling arguing. However, all siblings fight, especially if they’re somewhat close in age. While sharing a room may lead to more fighting at first, it may die down after they get used to sharing the space with one another.

Outgrowing the Space: Unfortunately, children aren’t small forever. And, neither are the things and clothes they need. So, as time moves one, siblings who share a room may grow out of the space. If you do want your children to share a room, consider the fact that they may not be able to do so in just a few short years.

Considering Childcare for Siblings who Share a Room

Whether or not you want your children to share a room, socializing with other children is an important learning environment for a child. Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we encourage children to share and play with others to utilize imagination and grow socially.

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