How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for an Early Learning Academy

Ivy Prep Team on December 6, 2018

It can be challenging for parents to know that their child is ready to begin with schooling. While most care centers will accept children as early as 1-2 years old, many parents may not feel their child is ready for such an environment. Are they going to be alright with other kids? Will they be open to learning? Whatever your reasoning to questioning if your child may be ready, it’s always a good idea to consider what’s best for your child in terms of education. And, as a parent, you’re the only one who can provide the answer to these questions. So, to help you determine whether or not your child may be ready for an early learning academy setting, we’ve come up with a few things to consider.

Is Your Child Independent Enough?

If your child hasn’t been in a daycare setting and you’re considering preschool, you may wonder if your child is independent enough to be without your care. At this age, around 4 years old, most preschools will expect your child to already have gained a few independent skills. This may include using the bathroom, washing hands, and eating a prepared breakfast or lunch without aid.

However, if your child is younger (6 weeks-3 years) and you’re preparing to send him/her to an early learning academy for the purpose of daily care, you may not need to worry as much. This is because instructors understand that your child may not have gained required skills to be considered independent. And, instructors are prepared for changing diapers, assisting with meals, and other challenges. Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we accept infants as young as 6 weeks old. So, we understand that children as young as this may not have developed independent skills yet.

Is Your Child on a Set Schedule?

Early learning academies run on schedules outlined by learning curriculum. This means children will need to be used to a routine to gain the most out of their daily schedules. Giving a child a set schedule is a great way to make them feel comfortable in their environment. So, if your child isn’t already on a schedule for daily activity, try working on creating a routine before enrolling him or her into an early learning environment.

Considering Why you Want to Send Your Child to an Early Learning Environment

Many parents may wonder if their child is ready for a preschool or kindergarten setting because they have yet to experience any type of daycare. So, if your child is younger than 4 years old, it may be best to consider childcare earlier than preschooling. This way, they can develop the social and cognitive skills needed for successful learning earlier than the preschool/kindergarten age. However, if your child is already the age of 4 and has yet to experience a daycare or learning environment, you may want to consider if your child has the independence, skills, and set schedule needed to be successful.

Finding an Early Learning Academy in New York

If you’re looking for daycare, preschool, or kindergarten for your child, consider Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy. Our five locations make us accessible to any family in New York City. And, our structured environment and curriculum help every child to learn to love learning! If you’d like to schedule a tour of one of our locations, contact us today.


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