You Can Do These Things While You’re Reading With Kids

Ivy Prep Team on June 27, 2018

Reading is such an amazing thing to do! It opens their minds to the adventure of learning and growing. Books are fantastic tools we can use to help us explore the world around us. They help to nourish kids’ imaginative and creative abilities. So, it only makes sense to allow children to spend plenty of time with books! But, of course, your kids may not be able to read so well just yet. That’s okay! Even if your children aren’t able to read now, you can still introduce them to the magic of words! You can read to and with them. This helps them to develop a love for reading, gives them some bonding time with you, and opens to them a new world of fun! There are a couple of things you can do while you’re reading with kids to help them get the most out of the experience. Let’s find out what those things are!

The Importance of Reading With Kids

Even before your children are able to speak or read, they are gathering information. They’re learning to communicate with those around them, even if they can’t use words to do so. Little ones still understand the power of language! So, as they grow and develop, you might want to make reading a regular activity in your home. There are so many wonderful benefits of reading with kids. Doing so can help your increase your child’s attention span and concentration skills. Reading with kids can also help them to become more excited about learning. Books offer kids the ability to learn about people and things they’ve never seen. When you are reading to your children, you are broadening their imaginative horizons. You’re expanding their range of creativity. And you’re showing them new ways understand what’s going on around them.

What To Do While You Read

There are a few things you might want to keep in mind as you’re reading with kids. Remember that they may ask questions. They may wonder about a character in the book or ask why the book is blue and not orange. That’s okay! Questions are good! They show that your child is interested and invested in what you’re doing. Don’t be wary of interruptions. They may happen often. If your child seems to lose interest in the book, don’t worry. It’s alright to take a little break from reading here and there. But, there are many ways you can keep them involved:

  • Let them turn the page when you’re done reading it.
  • Pick out the book together.
  • Ask them what they think about the story.
  • Ask how they think the story will end or what they think will happen next.
  • Show them the pictures and, together, discuss them.
  • Define new words.
  • Read all sorts of books: informational, fictional, etc.
  • Relate the pictures to the words. (If you read the word “table”, have your child find a table in the picture.)

Reading with kids can be both fun and rewarding for you and them! So, do it as much as you can.

Reading Together at Ivy Prep

At Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we know that you may not always be able to spend the day with your little ones. We also know that nothing brings you more peace than to know that your kids are safe and having fun while you’re apart from them. That’s why we provide an amazing learning environment that allows your kids to grow and learn with others. We believe that reading with kids is important, so we incorporate story time into the time they spend with us! If you are looking for a place where your kids can flourish educationally and socially, contact us today!


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