Infant Program

Infant program for children between the ages 6 weeks – 18 months.

Infant Program at Ivy Prep

Infant Program in New York | Ivy Prep Early Learning AcademyAll parents want the best care for their infant. And, at all the locations of Ivy Prep, we are dedicated to providing a safe and enriching place for the care of your young one. Infants need a setting in which they can both be nurtured and stimulated. That’s why we provide care that includes both love and helpful curriculum.

This helps to establish a foundation for learning that’s based on compassion. And, aids your child’s mind to be prepared for further learning and development. When choosing Ivy Prep for your infant care needs, you’re choosing an environment and staff dedicated to the best childcare practices, advanced curriculum, and the needs of your child.

How can an Infant Program Benefit Your Baby?

It’s unreal how much babies learn and develop during this crucial time. This period in life is important for starting to develop speech, motor skills, and social cues. So, the curriculum includes a number of activities that work to work on these vital aspects.

Additionally, our instructors understand that establishing a bond with your child is important for meeting both mental and emotional needs. So, our teachers work to get to know each and every child to develop a trusting bond. This way, teachers can learn to recognize cues your child may be giving so that all physical, emotional, and intellectual needs can be met.

Curriculums Used in the Infant Program

The Baby Academics or B.A. curriculum used in some of our early development programs is designed to help all babies become excited to learn. The young mind is moldable. So introducing little ones to a learning environment from a young age can help them to remain optimistic about learning in the future.

This curriculum is designed to be individualized so that the needs of each specific child are identified and addressed throughout the learning practice. So, a number of different techniques can be utilized as needed.

Infant Program in New York | Ivy Prep Early Learning AcademyInfants of this age are just getting a feel for all of their senses. So, implementing objects and tools which help children to understand these senses is a big part of the B.A. curriculum. Once infants can start to understand and recognize sizes, shapes, and colors, they can start to associate these sensory stimulations with the symbolism of their needs. This way, they can pair what they’ve learned through senses with what they need or want and begin the process of effective communication.

Overall, our curriculum is designed to help children be independent learners by encouraging imagination and individualism. All of this is done by combining professional teaching, thoughtful curriculum, in-depth assessments, and the value of family connections.

We believe that giving infants the opportunity to utilize all of these aspects can help them develop into confident, inquisitive, and self-accepting individuals.

Progress You Can Witness

Choosing Ivy Prep for your child development and infant care needs means choosing an academic program that you can actively take part in. We know that you may not have the time to spend enriching your child’s mind each day, but you want to be a part of it. And, we understand how important it is for parents to be a part of their child’s development progress.

Every day, you’ll be updated with a report so that you’ll know what your child did during the day, progress your child has made with curriculum activities, and any concerns our instructors may have. This way, you’ll never miss a step in achievements and milestones your child makes throughout his/her time at Ivy Prep, our early learning academy daycare facilities. And, you’ll be able to share in the celebration of all that your child has learned!

Ivy Prep Locations Which Offer the Infant Program


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