Afterschool Program

After school child care program for ages 5 – 12 Years

Our after school child care program is designed to assist families who cannot pick their child up as soon as school gets out every day. We believe that an academically motivated after school program can keep a child’s mind stimulated to encourage further development. This program is designed for children aged 5-12.

About Our After School Child Care

Currently, the after school child care program for grade-school-aged children is only offered at our Bayside Location. Pick up time for regular classes is at 2:20. Children who are not picked up by 3:30 can return to the facility for the after school program. There are two time slots available for this program, 3-6 p.m. and 3-6:30 p.m.

Activities During the After School Program

We want to make sure that children are getting their homeschooling completed while you’re still at work. This way, when you do pick your child up and go home, you can spend your time as a family. So, the first thing we do is help the children in our after school child care program complete any homework they may have for the day.

Once homework is complete, we construct and supervise a number of activities and games which encourage both social interaction and learning. These activities may include arts, crafts, board games, playground time, and more! Additionally, snack and refreshments are provided for all children in the program each day.

Ivy Prep Locations Which Offer the After School Child Care Program

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