Problem Solving is an Important Part of Child Growth

Ivy Prep Team on June 14, 2018

As kids grow and learn, they run into many milestones. They encounter opportunities to learn more about the world around them. And, as they’re growing, various problems will arise. We’re not talking about literal “problems”, like the ones you might face at work or at school. We mean the types that develop problem-solving skills for kids of all ages. Things like which shirt to wear or where to find a missing toy or how to open a box. Believe it or not, these types of questions are what have helped us all gain information on how to solve bigger issues. And these types of questions are necessary for healthy child growth and development. So, let’s talk about how to help cultivate these important skills.

Why is Problem Solving So Important?

It’s a logical question. Why do kids need to learn how to solve such small matters? Why is this considered a part of child growth? Well, again, kids are learning smaller lessons that they will use as they grow older. If they learn to answer simple questions now, they’ll be able to grow and learn how to solve more problems later. You did the same thing, whether you realized what was happening! So, a major part of child growth is definitely problem-solving skill development.

Okay, let’s look a little more closely at the idea of problems. Younger children may not be solving algebra equations. But, every single day, they face situations wherein they have to make a choice. Your baby may be trying to figure out how to get a Cheerio in his mouth. Your toddler may wonder how to get from one end of the room to the other side. Your preschooler might have to find a way to share her favorite toy with a friend. All of these are problems that need solving. And, as your child figures out possible answers, he or she is showing yet another part of child growth. Your child is finding answers and applying cognitive practices.

If your children learn to solve problems at a young age, they may learn not to avoid tough situations. You probably remember learning things in school that you felt like you would never use in “real life”. Well, this part of a child’s growth isn’t one of those things! It will actually continue to show itself throughout your child’s life. You will see them use the problem-solving skills in their young friendships. And you’ll see it in their choices at home. You’ll see it when they choose their college and career. Child growth and development milestones can literally be thought of as the building blocks of your children’s lives.

How To Encourage Problem Solving

As a parent, it’s good for you to know how to work with your children to develop problem-solving skills. Your kids will have to use these skills both at school and at home. So, what can you do to help? Let’s find out!

You can help your kids to find their issues. Assist them in figuring out exactly what the problem is. Then, brainstorm possible solutions together. Also, try to read together often. You can ask your kids how a character can solve a problem. Encourage creativity. There’s nothing wrong with guidance. But, try not to dwell on whether their answers are correct. Finally, make sure that your little ones are placed in an environment that will also cultivate their personal growth.

Child Growth at Ivy Prep

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we love to see children learn and grow together. Part of child growth is learning how to make choices and figure out answers. We work to make sure your children are able to do this. And, while they are in our care, we offer them a positive, educational, and overall fun atmosphere! Want to know more about our learning programs? Just call us at (866) 216-6750 or visit one of our facilities!


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