Check Out These Preschool Developmental Milestones!

Ivy Prep Team on May 17, 2018

Preschool is an exciting part of your child’s growth. It’s a time when most children start learning more and more about themselves and those around them. At this age, your little ones are experiencing so much. So, it’s important to make sure they are getting the most out of the third or fourth year of life. One way you can help is to become aware of the preschool developmental milestones. Learning more about what is usually seen in kids this age can help you to know the progress of your kiddos.

Are Preschool Developmental Milestones Really a Thing?

Well, yes. See, everyone is different. Every child learns differently and experiences things differently. Your preschooler may operate completely opposite of your best friend’s 4-year-old. But, preschool developmental milestones are simply parts of a checklist to help parents. These milestones aren’t rules. They haven’t been identified as a way to make parents feel like they’re kids are behind or ahead of the pack. These are simply guidelines, things that children in this age group are probably already doing, even without you knowing it. So, yes, preschool developmental milestones are a “thing”! And a helpful list, at that! Let’s take a look at the milestones our little ones are encountering.

Identifying and Exploring the Milestones

Before we take a look at the preschool developmental milestones, let’s point a very important fact. Your kids are already growing, learning, and developing. Actually, they’ve been doing that since the day they were born! You may not realize it but your kiddos are constantly soaking up information. Every day, they’re taking in knowledge from the people and environments that are around them. So, again, you may have already seen them experience some of these preschool developmental milestones. Yet, some of these developments might still be in progress. The important part is that your kids are growing towards these goals.

Physical Milestones: At the preschool age, kids are doing lots more, physically speaking. They’re walking, climbing, running, jumping, and hopping. You may see your 3-year-old start to enjoy throwing. This is perfectly normal. Kids in this age group are developing more knowledge about what they can do with their physical strength and coordination. (Just try to keep some airy beach balls around so no one gets hurt!)

The Arts: Drawing and writing are two things your child might really start to enjoy during this time. They’re getting better at holding and controlling their pencils. So, get ready for fun pictures as gifts! As your children hit these types of preschool developmental milestones, you might see them copying shapes on their papers.

Communication Milestones: This is one of the more easily identified preschool developmental milestones. You might hear your 4-year-old son ask a lot of “W” questions. He might often ask, “Why? Who? What?” This is definitely common in this age group. Preschoolers also tend to speak a lot more clearly and coherently than they did before. It’s also becoming easier for them to understand and follow simple directions.

Cognitive Milestones: They’re able to compare and contrast. They can also identify some cause and effect situations. Often, preschoolers can also name some letters and numbers. Around the age of about 3 or 4, kids are usually pretty aware of their five senses and how to use them.

Social Awareness: At this age, your kids might start playing well with their peers. They might also play games that imitate what they see. For example, they may play “house” or “school”. You may hear them talk about their friends or even their best friends.

Reaching Milestones at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Facilities

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we love to see your little ones reach developmental landmarks. So, if you have a child who is of preschool age, consider using the services of Ivy Prep! Our educators know what to look for as kids grow and learn. We understand that your little ones are learning daily and we want to be part of that! Looking for a fun, safe, and educational environment for your children? Contact Ivy Prep today!


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