Child Growth and Development: About Your Pre-Kindergartener

Ivy Prep Team on July 17, 2018

So, you’re the happy parent of an amazing pre-kindergartener! You’re finding out new things about your little one every day. Maybe, she is engaging more and more in conversation. Or, perhaps, your little guy is starting to show that he has a big, fun sense of imagination! Every time you look at your child, you’re blown away by how quickly he or she is growing up. It’s true that child growth and development sometimes happens without you really even noticing it. Your kids seem to change when you’re not looking. Sometimes, though, it feels like your little ones are growing up right before your very eyes. It’s as if you can literally watch your kids come into their own. And now, you’re looking at the child that was once a newborn and is now preparing for kindergarten! Pre-K is a wonderful time that full of child growth and development milestones. Let’s take a look at some of those benchmarks!

Some Pre-Kindergarten Milestones

Child Growth and Development: About Your Pre-KindergartenerBy the time children reach the age of about four or five years old, there are certain milestones they may have reached. Child growth and development happens differently in every little one. If you have more than one child, you may have seen signs of those differences. But, in general, children who are in pre-k begin to show specific signs. They’re getting ready for kindergarten, so, it’s important to check for signs of pre-k milestones. Here are some of the things you might begin to see in your pre-kindergartener:

  • Counting: One sign of child growth and development in your pre-kindergartener is counting properly. For example, a pre-k student might be able to count to at least 10.
  • Conversation and Interaction: Your child might begin to speak more clearly. He or she may start to engage in conversation with family and schoolmates. Social interaction will improve more as your little one learns and plays with others.
  • Shapes and Colors: At this age, children are usually able to identify various colors and shapes.
  • Physical Activity: Your little one might be learning how to tie shoelaces. This is a sign of fine motor skill development. Pre-K kids are often able to move about with more speed and balance than younger children. They can kick, throw, catch, jump, and even gallop!
  • Art and Creativity: Kids in pre-K usually draw use child-friendly scissors skillfully. You might see your child use creativity and imagination while playing. They might also be use their imagination to create fun stories!
  • Empathy and Emotions: You might notice that your kids are developing a stronger sense of empathy and concern for others. They might also begin to express their feelings and share what’s happening inside. Whether they are feeling positive or negative emotions, they are beginning to express them more effectively.

Of course, all pre-kindergarteners are unique. Some children show most or all of these signs of child growth and development. Others may not show as many. It’s okay! The fact that each child is different is something worth celebrating!

Child Growth and Development at Ivy Prep

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we appreciate and encourage each individual child in our care. We celebrate their differences and work to accommodate every learning style. Through our pre-k program, we facilitate the growth of your children. Our curriculum is individualized and age-geared. We believe that every child learns and grows in a unique way and we make sure each one has the chance to do so while they are here. If you are interested in enrolling your four- or five-year-old in a learning program, look no further than Ivy Prep!


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