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Toddler Program


Toddler Programs for ages 18 months – 2 years old

Toddler Programs for Your Child


So, we provide a number of activities that encourage our young students to utilize all of their senses throughout each day. Whether it’s the art corner or circle time, your child will be able to utilize his or her sense of touch, smell, taste, or hearing to learn. At Ivy Prep, we want to make sure our toddlers are given the opportunity to safely explore the classroom. We understand toddlers do not have a very long attention span; our teachers enjoy planning a variety of projects and games to encourage them to continue learning during their day with us. And, with each milestone your child hurdles through their toddler programs, we’ll be here to monitor and document so that you’re with us every step of the way!

Curriculum Utilized in Learning Programs for Toddlers

Our curriculum incorporates the latest research and takes the needs of every type of learner into account. The Baby Academics program honors a child’s creativity and respects the roles teachers play in making learning exciting and individualized for every child.

This means each teacher must create lessons that meet the unique needs of each student. The most important role of the curriculum is to help children become enthusiastic learners. We want your child to become excited about learning so that their future holds many accomplishments!

Our toddler program integrates curriculum, assessments, professional development, and family connections together to educate children at an early age. We encourage each student to be active and creative explorers who are inhibited to try their own ideas, allowing them to become independent, self-confident, and inquisitive individuals.

Taking Home New Discoveries

We know that you can’t be with your growing child at all hours of the day. But, when you do get time to spend with your child, you’ll be delighted to witness all they’ve learned and discovered at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy. With our frequent home reports and a firm respect for the parent-teacher relationship, you’ll always remain updated on the status of your child’s education. And, you’ll likely be excitedly shown new discoveries and accomplishments by your little one!

Ready to Enroll Your Toddler?

If you have a child between the ages of 18 months and 2 years, they are eligible for enrollment into our toddler program. Choosing Ivy Prep Learning Academy for your child’s care and education not only ensures that your child will be taken care of in an environment that boosts safety, but one which also incorporates a number of different learning tools.

We believe that no age is too young to start learning and to incorporate a love of learning! And, that every child deserves the chance to start life out surrounded by an environment and individuals who encourage this learning! To find out more about our locations or the enrollment program, please contact

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