Parenting Information: Pointers For Preschool Parents

Ivy Prep Team on March 9, 2018

It’s been a few years now since your little one was born. You still remember the first efforts to crawl and then walk. Now, your child is growing and showing off an amazing personality! Cognitive skills are developing and you’re blown away by how smart your kid is! Maybe, you guys just celebrated his or her third birthday and you are considering preschool options. Or, perhaps your child is already in preschool but having a hard time adjusting to life away from home. If this is your situation, we have some great parenting information and tips for you!

Pointers For Parents

There is lots of parenting information out there. Actually, some might feel like there is a little too much information. Everyone seems to have a tip or two about how to help in the development of kids. With the abundance of good and meaningful info today, moms and dads can sometimes wonder if they’re doing this parenting thing correctly. So, let’s look at the very first pointer. It’s the most important.

Pointer #1: Don’t stress yourself out! Your kids are growing and learning — and so are you. Enjoy the process and just do your best!

More Parenting Information and Tips

When you’re trying to raise preschoolers and help them as they grow, there are some things you can do to make sure the process goes well.

Pointer #2: Introduce structure and routine. Let your child know what you expect. Try to maintain a steady routine. For example, try to establish a set bedtime and a specific time to wake up in the mornings. Also, meal and snack times should be set. Structure in the home will help your kids to become more used to following directions and routine when they’re in the classroom.

parenting informationPointer #3: Allow independence. Your child is learning how to do new things. Children don’t always do these new tasks “perfectly”. But they’re learning. So just be patient with your kids and allow them to learn how to do things on their own. That includes putting away their toys or getting dressed. Of course, you can offer assistance and do things they might have trouble doing, like tying shoelaces. But, encourage them to do as much as they can on their own. This isn’t neglect on your part; it’s a way to encourage your kids and let them know that they are capable! This leads us to our next tip.

Pointer #4: Praise, praise, praise! Encouraging your kids and letting them know you are proud of them is so important. A simple “great job brushing your teeth this morning” or “thank you for putting your shoes back in the closet” can go a long way. Don’t give empty compliments. Really try to notice the things your child is doing, even what you might consider the “little things”. Everything they’re learning matters!

Pointer #5: Make separation easier. Dropping your kids off to their learning centers can be hard for both them and you. Try not to dwell too much on the fact that you are going to be apart. Redirect the conversation or say things like, “You’re going to spend some time with your friends today!” Maybe give them a small object from you or from home, something that gives them comfort and reminds them of the security that home provides.

Developing Your Child At Ivy Prep

The preschool age years can be kind of tough sometimes. Both you and your children go through a lot of transitions during this time. Finding the right learning environment for your preschooler can be a tiring experience. But, Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy was established for families like yours! We want to make learning fun and meaningful for your kids. Here at Ivy Prep, we know that your child’s development process is unique and special, so we provide an environment where they can flourish. If you are looking for a great place where your preschooler can grow mentally, physically, and emotionally, contact us today!


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