The Benefits of Afterschool Programs

Ivy Prep Team on July 18, 2019

Parents always want the best for their children, especially academically. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the best for your child academically. And starting early while your child is young is the best way to get them excited about learning. Furthermore, with research showing the benefits of afterschool programs, more parents are interested in learning more about these types of programs. So, if you’re wondering how afterschool programs can benefit your child and his or her education, keep reading!

Afterschool Programs can Help to Get Kids Excited About School

Children who attend an afterschool program are more willing to adopt new educational methods. And, they can be more active in pursuing new academic concepts. As a result, they’ll be more willing to stay in school until completion than their peers who don’t attend afterschool programs.

May Benefit Your Child’s Behavior

Children who are left at home alone after school or don’t have as much experience being supervised in an academic environment may be more willing to showcase unacceptable behaviors. But, children who are enrolled in afterschool programs may be more used to these types of environments. And, know and understand how to act accordingly. This is due to children finding comfort in structure, and that afterschool programs allow for more structure than just going to school or daycare a few hours a day.

Helps Children Get Better Marks in School

The Benefits of Afterschool Programs | Ivy Prep Early LearningCertainly, good grades don’t ensure that your child will become a doctor or save the planet. But, it does show you, as a parent, that your child is focused on learning and has a great attitude for learning. Of course, this mindset is required to be successful and hard-working adults. Especially at the beginning of their academic career, your child will need guidance in how to establish good grades. It takes commitment to study and doing homework.

However, unfortunately, most parents don’t get off work at the same time their child gets home from school. And, by the time you do get home, your child may not be in the best mindset to settle down and focus on schoolwork. But, children enrolled in aftercare are given an environment afterschool in which they can work on their homework and studies. And, have access to instructors who can help steer them in the right direction so they learn what they need to maintain good marks!

Helps Children with Social Development

During the time spent in school, children may be given limited time to exchange conversation, play, and learn from their peers. While they have recess and break times to establish peer relationships, an afterschool program gives them even more time to make and maintain peer relationships. Certainly, playing and conversing with others of the same age can help a child to develop a number of social skills including empathy, sharing, and compassion.

Gives Your Child Something Fun to do After School

Finally, afterschool programs are a great fit for the entire family because they give your child an enriching environment while you may not be able to provide the same. It gives them the opportunity to run and play with friends while you finish up your work for the day. And, gives you the peace of mind in knowing your child is in good hands while you can’t be there!

Searching for an Afterschool Program in NYC?

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Looking for an afterschool program for your child in New York City? Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning, we offer afterchool programs at our Bayside and Deer Park locations for children ages 5-12. To schedule to view either location, contact us from our website today! And, experience the benefits of afterschool programs for yourself!


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