Making Education Fun with Activities and a Learning Program

Ivy Prep Team on April 19, 2018

Education doesn’t have to be boring! Your children are growing every day. They’re learning new things in school or at their early learning facilities. But, they can learn so much from you at home, too! But, how do you get them interested in education when they’re not in a classroom setting? Most likely, the learning program they’re a part of does a great job at making education exciting. But, maybe, these educational and fun activities can help you do the same thing at home!

The Constant Learning and Growing of Your Child

It’s important to remember that your child is always learning. He or she is constantly taking in information and gathering new things from the world around. Children hear you when you speak, and they pick up on cues and words you use. So, education doesn’t really have to be intentional all the time. Sometimes, it happens without you even noticing!

One of the ways to get your kids excited about learning is by introducing educational and fun music! Surely, you remember the ABC’s song, or music that helped you learn about the human body (“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”, etc.) You guys can listen to music like this in the car, as you’re completing housework, and so forth. Your kids won’t even realize they’re gaining so much more information.

Other Educational and Fun Activities

Ask your children to help you make an afterschool snack. You can ask them educational and fun questions. After all, who doesn’t enjoy playing with their food sometimes? “What shape is your cereal box?” “Is your apple round or square-shaped?” Your kids will be thrilled to see how the skills they’ve been hearing in their learning program apply to everything around them!

Exercises that have educational and fun qualities don’t have to be done while you guys are sitting at the table. Sometimes, you and your children can learn and have fun in the car. If you’re out running errands with the little ones, have them look for letters they recognize. If they find a letter they know, have them think of another word that has that letter. For example, if your son finds an “R” on a road sign, ask him if he can think of another word that has an “R” in it.

You guys can also practice some counting while you’re out and about. One way you can do that is to count all of the cars you guys pass that is a certain color. Say your daughter’s favorite color is orange. You guys can count all of the orange cars and trucks you see. This helps develop the kids’ color recognition and their counting skills!

Art is a great way to create educational and fun moments with your kids. You guys can color, draw, and paint together. If it’s nice out, build sandcastles at the beach. Make up fun songs about what the kids have been learning. Art includes all kinds of activities! It will help you and your kids to get in touch with creativity. Maybe, your kids will be so happy about their art, they’ll want to share their knowledge with others in their learning program!

Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy and Our Learning Program

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we love to see children enjoy what they’re learning. That’s why we offer a safe and fun environment. Our facilities are equipped with fun things for your kids to do during their time in our learning program. We know how important it is to have fun while learning. So, our staff members make sure your children get the very best learning experience possible.

Of course, while your children are with their parents, they are learning from some amazing adults. But, you may not always be able to spend the day with them. So, Ivy Prep is here to give your kids the opportunity to develop socially as they learn with their peers.

If you think Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy is a good place for your little ones to learn, contact us today! You can schedule a tour to visit one of our 5 locations across New York City, too. Visit our website for more information!


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