Looking For After School Programs for Elementary Students?

Ivy Prep Team on March 16, 2018

Woohoo! Your kids have finally finished school for the day. But now, there are a few things that could cause a problem. The children have homework. They need a snack after a long day of school. Some of them need a chance to use their creativity by doing a craft. Or, maybe a little time to play outside with friends? And, maybe you’re still at work. Many kids have working parents who aren’t able to help with homework or sit outside with the kids after school. If you’re one of those parents, don’t worry! Perhaps, it’s time to look into another option. After school programs for elementary students might be exactly what you need!

What Do After School Programs Do?

After school programs for elementary students are designed to help kids in different ways. They provide children with academic support with homework help and tutoring. They help kids channel their creativity with arts and crafts or maybe even music. Programs like this offer children the chance to play in an informal and unstructured way. They are allowed to enjoy free time and just have fun! In after school programs, your little ones are able to continue their development of social development.

Benefits of After School Programs for Elementary Students

So, what are the advantages of programs like this? How can they help you and your kids? There are plenty of benefits!

Looking For After School Programs for Elementary Students?Connectivity – Your kids can become connected to kids they don’t know from school. Even if the other children go to school with your kids, an afterschool program allows them to connect in a different setting. This can help with social development.

Excitement for Learning – Sometimes, when kids are in school, they don’t get super excited about learning new things. This is probably because it’s a learning environment where kids are supposed to learn. But, it’s different at an after school program. Elementary students might actually start enjoying their homework time. A change of scenery could be just what they need. Who knows? Maybe, the kids will really like the way their after school counselor explains multiplication.

A Sense of Security – Of course, you want to know that your kids are in good hands after school. If you’re not able to pick them up immediately after class, you want them to be safe. Good after school programs for elementary students are well-staffed and equipped. They are designed to keep kids safe and let them unwind in a good environment.

Emotional and Behavioral Growth – Students that are involved in after school programs will probably develop emotionally. They might become less shy and more engaged with other kids their age. They also get the chance to interact with their adult counselors. Students who are emotionally free can also improve in behavior. As they communicate with others in unstructured environments, your kids will learn more about sharing and taking turns.

Questions About After School Programs?

It’s good to ask questions when looking at after school programs for elementary students. Obviously, if your kids are going to spend a lot of time there, you should find out certain things. For example, do you know if the children are going to be supervised when they’re playing outside? Will your kids be provided with snacks or should you send food with them? Will the kids have lots of fun activities to do? How much help is offered for homework? It’s important that you settle any concerns like these before you intrust your kids to an after school program.

Have You Considered Ivy Prep Yet?

If you’ve been looking for after school programs for elementary students, you might have started feeling overwhelmed by your choices. This is understandable! And, we here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy are dedicated to helping your family. We understand that you have a busy schedule but you’re still very concerned about your children.

Finally, have you thought about using Ivy Prep’s after school program service? We provide opportunities for your kids’ emotional, behavioral, academic, and physical development. Contact us today to find out more information!


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