Staten Island Twos Program

(2-2.5 years old)

Searching for educational, thoughtful care for your two-year-old? The Twos Program, or two-year-old preschool program, at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Staten Island is the care you’re looking to find. Here, we offer children not only a place to receive care, but a place that encourages healthy growth in all areas of human development.

The Twos Program at Ivy Prep Staten Island

Two-year-olds are inquisitive, adventurous, and playful. So, instead of just a standard care program for children of this age, we have developed a program that combines care with developmental education. This involves stimulating learning by utilizing various educational approaches. And, guiding children to use their senses to better discover the world around them.

Curriculum for the Two-Year-Old Preschool Classroom at Ivy Prep Staten Island

View Our Staten Island Preschool Classroom | Ivy Prep Early LearningHere at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Staten Island, we are not just a daycare. We work to combine childcare with a developmental curriculum designed to encourage early learning. This means having instructors who understand the basic needs of individual children to better encourage growth and healthy development. And, a curriculum that includes educational experiences and approaches that help to stimulate learning.

Some of the benefits of the 2-year-old program curriculum at our facility include:

  • Aiding in the further development of independent behavior, social skills, and language
  • Encouraging individuality and imagination
  • Stimulating independence and personalized decision-making
  • Guiding educational exercises which pinpoint language, socialization, cognitive development, outdoor play, reading, and art
  • Encouraging a trusting environment in which children can develop lasting bonds with instructors and feel comfortable
  • Providing a safe, secure, and clean environment in which parents can trust to leave their children without worry

Other Characteristics of the Staten Island Twos Preschool Classroom

Part of the Twos Program at our Ivy Prep Staten Island location is tracking your child’s success. To do so, we include a daily assessment that aims to calculate and determine where your child’s growth lies. This assessment includes tracking of:

Social Development: This includes the assessment of how a child responds to adult direction, empathizes with others, plays with peers and instructors, completes basic tasks, and more.

Learning Skills: This involves assessing how children of this age are utilizing various methods to acquire new knowledge. Assessments may include how a child shows interest in self-help to complete tasks, applies newly gained knowledge, reacts to instructor reading or instruction giving, and more.

Effective Communication: During this age, children are developing much of their vocabulary and starting to memorize words and phrases. So, we track a child’s communication through an assessment to determine if they know 50+ words, show preference in reading materials, start to mark papers and learning to draw, likes being read to, and more.

Physical Health: While learning and developing is a part of our daily assessments and important, so is assessing physical health. To help determine if your child is on par with physical development, we assess if a child can reach for objects with both hands, squats to reach things on the ground, initiates healthy play, and more.

Cognitive Development: Finally, it’s important to determine if children this age are developing on track cognitively. So, our assessments include seeing if a child can use various tools as they are intended, begins counting numbers, and if he or she can identify the beginning or end of specific activities.

Enrolling Your Child into Ivy Prep Staten Island 2-Year-Old Preschool

Finally, if you’re looking for a reputable childcare facility that incorporates educational care into their program, consider the Staten Island location at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy. Feel free to schedule to tour our Staten Island preschool classroom right from our website today!


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