Staten Island Toddler Program

Living or working in Staten Island and have a toddler that’s between the age of 18 months – two years old? Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Staten Island is your care provider for educational toddler daycare that you can count on. We have years of experience providing a healthy learning environment for toddlers. And, strive to provide the individual attention that your child deserves, combining educational tools with personalized approaches to early learning.

Toddler Program at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Staten Island

We understand that parents want the best care for their toddlers. That’s why, here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Staten Island, we are more than just a toddler daycare. We are a safe and inviting place young children can begin their journey of daily growth and learning. Here, your toddler can establish the confidence needed to prepare for an academic future. And, begin establishing the skills he or she needs to blossom into the unique individual they are meant to become!

A Curriculum that is on Par With Your Toddler’s Individuality

Since we are not just a daycare program but, rather, an early learning academy, we set ourselves apart from traditional care centers with our curriculum. Our toddler curriculum is intended to help toddlers discover their own, individual needs for learning. And, encourage discovery and socialization through various learning techniques and exercises.

Some aspects of our toddler daycare program curriculum include:

Staten Island Toddler Daycare | Ivy Prep Early Learning AcademyIndividual Care: Since our toddler program only accommodates children ages 18 months to 2 years old, class sizes are relatively small. This gives instructors of our program more time to bond with children, learn their specific needs, and provide personalized care and attention. Furthermore, this provides a more trusting environment in which children of this age can feel safe and confident enough to begin building social bonds with peers of their own age.

Discovery: The curriculum of the Toddler Program at Ivy Prep Staten Island revolves around childhood discovery. At this early age, children are learning how to use their senses to gain knowledge. And, further develop speech, social skills, and general information about the world around them. So, our curriculum is designed to embrace this discovery and guide toddlers through various exercises to stimulate this development. And, reinforce what parents are teaching in the child’s home environment!

Assessments: We understand that parents want to be involved in every step of their child’s development. And that it can be hard for parents to leave a toddler at a care facility to go to work. Thus, missing out on what their toddler may have learned throughout the day. Here at our Staten Island childcare location, we strive to make parents a part of the learning process. And, encourage parent participation. This is why we send home daily assessments, which measure your child’s social, language, motor, and cognitive growth while in our care. This way, parents never miss a step of development or accomplishment and can ensure their child is getting the structured care they need to thrive.nd

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Want to get to know our staff and view our Staten Island location? You can schedule a tour of the facility right from our website! On your visit, we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have as well as address any concerns you have about your child’s care.

(18 months-2 years old)

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