Staten Island Preschool Program

(3-4 years old)

The Preschool Program at Ivy Prep’s Staten Island location is meant for children ages 3 to 4 years old. During this age, children are learning so much and developing every day. Specifically, beginning to utilize creativity, develop problem-solving skills, and begin thinking logically to complete various tasks. At our Staten Island Ivy Prep location’s Preschool Program, your 3-year-old can continue developing the skills they’ve learned in the Junior Program. And, take the skills they learn to the next stage of education – prekindergarten!

The Curriculum of the Preschool Program

Here at the Staten Island location of Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we provide a curriculum known as MASTERS. This is an acronym that stands for Making Academic Strides Towards Ensuring Readiness & Success. Essentially, this curriculum helps children develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in academics. Specifically, this curriculum involves introducing a number of educational concepts such as math, science, reading, and more.

Assessing Your Child’s Developmental Growth

A major aspect of the curriculum of our Preschool Program is assessing every child’s development in a number of areas. This way, we can involve parents with the educational care their child receives on a daily basis. During these assessments, we report the following:

Preschool Program in Bayside, New York City | Ivy Prep Early LearningSocial Development: Social development is key to a growing, healthy 3-year-old child. To track a child’s social development during the Preschool Program, we assess whether or not he or she is communicating with instructors about activities, making and maintaining friendships with peers, approaches others with kindness, seeks out others for play, and more.

Communicative Development: During this stage of life, children are further developing their vocabulary and learning more about how to communicate effectively with others. So, we strive to assess whether or not children in this program are asking where, when, and why questions, expressing ideas, recalling specific parts of stories and instructions, speaking clearly, and more.

Physical Development: Just like other areas of development, physical development is important to track in young children. It helps to determine they are on par with their peers. So, we analyze whether or not children in this program are climbing on playground equipment, copy shapes and various designs, explore different spaces, eat with utensils, and more.

Cognitive Development: This type of development is also assessed for children enrolled in our Preschool Program. Cognitive development during this age of life should include a few things. This includes recognizing and naming some numbers, generalizing ideas from past experiences, sorting objects by characteristics (size, color, etc.), and more!

Enrolling Into the Preschool Program at Ivy Prep Staten Island

Looking for Preschool on Staten Island that’s not only reputable but offers an educational curriculum? Then Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Staten Island is your $1 option for preschool! To learn more about our classrooms, instructors, and curriculum, schedule to tour our Staten Island childcare facility right from our website today!


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