Staten Island Pre-Kindergarten Program

(4-5 years old)

Looking for Pre-Kindergarten for your 4-year-old child in Staten Island? Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Staten Island, we offer Pre Kindergarten school for children aged 5-6 years old. This program intends to prepare children for their future in kindergarten and beyond. So, it includes a structured curriculum and daily assessments. This way, parents can ensure that the social, cognitive, communicative, and physical development of their child is successfully accomplished.

The Curriculum of the Pre-Kindergarten Program

During this age, children are preparing to enter into the academic world – starting with kindergarten. So, they can benefit from an introduction to academic learning and exercises. This is why we have developed the curriculum for our pre-kindergarten program to include an introduction to the basics of early education. And, work to prepare children of this age to be set up for success in future academic settings.

To introduce children in Pre Kindergarten school to educational concepts and get them familiar with subjects, we utilize a curriculum called S.T.E.A.M. This is an acronym that represents the five core subjects of schooling which are science, technology, engineering, art, and math. With this curriculum, children in this program can receive an introduction into the world of schooling and begin to understand what lies ahead of them in their academic future.

Assessing Your Child’s Developmental Growth Throughout Pre-Kindergarten

One of the main components of our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is providing assessments on a regular basis. This way, both our instructors and the parents of children enrolled in our program can understand a child’s needs. Plus, can better track progress and accomplishments. Some of the things our assessments determine include:

Pre Kindergarten School in Bayside, New York | Ivy Prep Early LearningSocial Development: At this age, children are assessed for specific social development. For instance, whether or not a child uses imagination to play with others. Or, expresses feelings, negotiates with peers, portrays concern for fairness, showcases empathy, enjoys creating things, and more.

Cognitive Development: Some things we assess children in the Pre-Kindergarten program to ensure cognitive growth include whether or not a child is able to make predictions, apply newly learned vocabulary, knows his/her first and last name, is able to recognize size, and more.

Communicative Development: Another main characteristic which can help to assess academic growth includes determining whether or not a child responds positively to requests, engages in conversation with others, recognizes his/her printed name, uses the past tense, can describe tasks, and more.

Physical Development: To determine if a child is on par with peers with physical development, we assess a few things. For example, whether or not children are crawling for play, can kick a ball in a forward motion, can write their own names, washes and dries their hands without any help, and more.

Enrolling Your Child Into the Pre Kindergarten School at Ivy Prep Staten Island

Looking to enroll your child into Pre-Kindergarten classes to help prepare them for their future in the academic world? If you live or work in Staten Island, schedule to tour our Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy facility in this location! During your visit, you can view the classrooms, meet the instructors, and ask us any questions you may have. To set up your visit, give us a call today at (718) 982-0202.


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