Staten Island Juniors Program

(2.5-3 years old)

The Juniors Program at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Staten Island is designed for 2.5-3 years olds. This atmosphere allows for peer play and learning with others of the same age. During this program, children of this age not only receive the care they need for safe development. But, also educational materials and opportunities for preparation of a future in academics.

The Juniors Program at Ivy Prep Early Learning of Staten Island

We understand that this stage in a child’s life is important for developing independence and learning more about everything! In fact, it’s a moment in life in which you may realize that your child is not a baby anymore, but developing into their own person. This is why we use this program to include instructor guidance of various developmental aspects that children this age can benefit from. For example, communication exercises, conflict resolution, and encouraging peer play and relationship development.

The Curriculum for the Juniors Program at Ivy Prep Staten Island

Here at Ivy Prep, we believe that children of every age are constantly growing and developing new knowledge. And, that’s why it’s so important to include educational aspects into daily care (before the traditional start in kindergarten). So, instead of just a daycare facility, we are an early learning opportunity for your child. As such, we have developed and utilize specific curriculums for each program. And, for each age group of students enrolled at our Staten Island location. This Juniors Program curriculum utilizes a number of educational methods and materials. And, it aims to track your child’s growth and development in a few different areas including:

Early Learning Program in Staten Island | Ivy Prep Early LearningSocial Development: To make sure of healthy social development in children this age, we track whether or not children are showing empathy to others, asking inquisitive questions, expresses their personal feelings, participates in group activities, and more.

Learning Approaches: To assess whether or not a child of this age is utilizing newly acquired learning approaches, we track if he or she is trying new things, uses imagination during playtime, interacts and listens during storytime, understands how objects work together, and more.

Communication Development: This age for children is crucial in the development of communication. So, we track whether or not children in this program are following directions, describing pictures with words, answering simple questions, using three-syllable words, and more.

Cognitive Development: To ensure that children are on track with their peers as far as cognitive development, we assess whether or not they are imitating rhymes or songs, using imagination to play with toys, identifying familiar objects and people, using exploration for problem-solving, counting to at least 5, and more.

Enrolling Your Child in the Juniors Program at Ivy Prep Early Learning of Staten Island

Not only do we assess all these aspects of development in the children of our Juniors Program. We also send this assessment to parents of our enrolled children constantly. We understand that parents want to be involved in the daily growth and development of their children. But, a work schedule can often get in the way. This is why we implement daily assessments so parents can stay on track with their child’s development. And, address any issues and accomplishments along the way!

To schedule a tour of our Staten Island childcare facility and learn even more about our Juniors Program by meeting our instructors, fill out this form today!


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