Staten Island Infant Program

(6 weeks-18 months old)

The infant program at our Staten Island Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy allows parents of infant children the peace of mind knowing their babies are in the right hands! We understand that parents not only want a safe place for their babies to be cared for but a structured environment that’s meant to encourage learning. That’s why the infant daycare program at Staten Island Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, even our youngest pupils benefit from a learning environment founded on expert childcare practices and a structured curriculum.

The Importance of Infant DayCare

The earliest days of a child’s life are critical to childhood development. That’s why, here at the Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Staten Island location, we strive to make this stage of childhood development meaningful and educational.

During this age, children are learning how to speak, crawl, and even walk. So, our curriculum is designed to help children further develop these new developments. At our Staten Island location, this includes baby singing time, sign language introduction, and more!

One of the main reasons parents look for infant care is because they have to go back to work after maternity and/or paternity leave. And, that it can be hard to leave young children and go back to the daily routine. This is why we strive to develop bonds with the infants in our care to encourage a trusting relationship with our instructors. And, our staff can accommodate the specific developmental needs of every child in our care.

Infant Care Curriculum at Staten Island Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy

We provide more than just infant daycare. We offer care that combines care with a developmental curriculum that aims to encourage successful and fun early learning. Some characteristics of our infant care program at our Staten Island location includes:

Staten Island Infant Daycare Program | Ivy Prep Early LearningIndividualized Care: This curriculum includes individualized attention to address the differences in learning with each child. This way, no child is left behind and can develop at their own personal pace. And, can further work to develop their own, unique imaginations and personalities that are all their own!

Educational Growth: The infant stage of development involves getting to know the senses: touch, sight, smell, and taste. So, our educational curriculum provides infants with the tools to discover how these senses relate to understanding the world around them. For instance, education about shapes, colors, and sizes. This way, infants can begin to associate their senses with their needs.

Assessments: We know that parents want to be involved in the educational process of their children’s development. And, want to be updated with the progress of their educational growth. This is why we utilize our curriculum to track and assess children in our care. Each day, we provide parents with a daily report. This way, parents can better understand their child’s care needs and track their developmental growth.

Enrolling Into the Infant DayCare Program at Ivy Prep Early Learning of Staten Island

Do you live or work in Staten Island and are looking for a reputable place for infant care? If so, schedule to view Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Staten Island today right from our website. During your tour, you can view our educational environment. And, meet our staff so we may answer and address any concerns or questions you may have!

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