Bayside Twos Program

(2-2.5 years old)

Do you have a two to two and a half-year-old child that is in need of child day care? Looking for something that combines care with thoughtful instruction? Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Bayside, we offer a 2-year-old Program for children of this age. Our program includes a structured curriculum that aims to help stimulate learning and discovery at a young age. And, strives to include parents and families with their child’s care so they can understand more about their development every step of the way.

The Twos Program at Ivy Prep Staten Bayside

Two-year-olds are constantly taking in the world around them, learning using their senses. They’re inquisitive and playful, so their care should incorporate techniques that stimulate how children of this age learn. So, here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Bayside, we’ve developed our two-year-old program according to how children of this age take in information. And, encouraging children of this age to utilize their senses to further learn and gain an education that prepares them for higher levels of learning in the future.

The Twos Program Curriculum

Because we are not only a daycare, we incorporate learning into our programs, even for children as young as two years old. So, we instill a curriculum that aims to guide children to developmental learning that’s on par with peers of their same age. And, present individualized care so that each child can learn at his or her pace, using the tools which work for their personal learning style. The curriculum utilized in our twos program stimulates specific learning and assess developmental aspects including:

  • Child Day Care in Bayside, New York City | Ivy Prep Early LearningIndependence behaviors, social skills, and language
  • Individuality and utilizing imagination
  • Individual decision-making
  • Engagement in outdoor play
  • Beginning to show interest in reading, art, and other educational concepts
  • How a child applies knowledge to any given situation
  • Coordination of hand-eye movement
  • Whether or not a child can utilize objects as they’re intended
  • And more!

Characteristics of the Bayside Twos Preschool Program

As a part of our early learning curriculum, we include routine assessments that go home with children to their families. We understand that it can be hard for parents to trust others with their child’s care and learning. So, we strive to have parents be involved in the educational process as much as possible. And, educate parents about their child’s unique developmental needs and accomplishments. These assessments include aspects of your child’s growth and development including:

Social Growth: At this age, children should begin to be interested in engaging with children of their own age in play. And, starting to respond positively to the instructor’s direction.

Cognitive Growth: Cognitive growth with this age group is noted by seeing whether or not children utilize various tools how they should. And, if they can recognize the start and end of an activity.

Communication: While children of this age may not be holding conversations that include complete sentences, they should begin utilizing a number of words. And, even begin saying some sentences.

Physical Health: Obviously, assessing a child’s physical health is the most important aspect of our care. So, our assessment helps to discover whether or not children are physically developing on par with other children of the same age. These things may include whether or not children can turn pages of a book, initiates active play, assists with hand washing, and more.

Enrolling Your Child into Child Day Care

Looking for more than just care for your two-year-old child? Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Bayside, we give parents and young children the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment of continuous learning. And, combine nurturing and committed care while allowing children to discover ways to learn on an individual level! To schedule a tour of our location and classrooms, contact us right on our website or call our Bayside location at (718) 352-8972.


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