Bayside Infant Program

(6 weeks-18 months old)

Looking for care for your infant child in Bayside, New York? Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Bayside, we offer infant care for children as young as 6 weeks of age. We pride ourselves on offering more than just daycare, but an environment in which young children can develop in all areas. Here at our Bayside location, our infant program allows families to find quality care during the day that provides their baby with a solid foundation for healthy development.

Why Quality Infant Care is Important

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning of Bayside, we understand that the most critical days for a child’s development are early. This is why we implement classrooms which include only children of the same age. And, develop in-depth curriculums which encompass learning for specific ages. For example, for our Infant Program, we deliver a curriculum that aims to track a child’s earliest development to determine whether or not babies are developing on par with their peers.

But, not only do we offer a place for infants to develop. We provide a safe, tranquil, inviting, and nurturing environment in which your child will be cared for completely. Thus, giving your child a place to feel safe to develop at his or her own pace. When you choose Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Bayside, you choose a place to trust not only your child’s learning but overall care!

Infant Care Curriculum at Bayside Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy

Our goal for early learning is to combine care with learning. This way, your child is immersed in an educational environment and prepared for future learning in grade school and beyond. To provide this type of environment, we have developed a curriculum for each of our programs, including the Bayside Ivy Prep Infant Program. Some of the things this curriculum aims to track as your child develops include:

Infant Care in Bayside, New York City | Ivy Prep Early Learning AcademyIndividualized Care: We know that every person learns differently, infants included. That’s why we strive to provide individualized care and attention to all of our students. With individualized care, your child can learn at his or her own speed. And, can feel more confidently in exploring his or her new space for learning!

Assessments: Children develop at great speeds when they are infants. And, we know that parents wish they could see all that their infants are learning throughout the day. Plus, how parents want to ensure that their children are learning and developing at a healthy rate. This is why we try to include parents every step of the way at Ivy Prep. Here, we encourage parents and families to engage with their child’s learning. And, why we send home routine assessments, which will let parents better understand how their child is developing cognitively, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Introduction to Education: Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Bayside, we aren’t just a daycare. We’re an introduction to learning that helps children develop a love for exploring and growth from a young age. And, our Infant Program is the first step to that introduction of learning. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity for your baby that’s more than just a babysitter, you’re looking for early learning.

Enrolling Your Child in Infant Care at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Bayside

In conclusion, do you want to learn more about our Infant Program, our instructors, our classrooms, or our curriculum? You’re welcome to schedule a visit to our Bayside facility right from our website! Or, give us a call to speak with us directly at (718) 352-8972.


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