Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of Bayside
61-58 Springfield Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11364
Phone: (718) 352-8972

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Programs Offered at the Bayside Location

Additional Programs:

  • Jump Bunch: sports and fitness activities
  • Critter Caravan: bringing different animals to the school so the children can learn about and touch them
  • Baby Signing Time: infant/toddler sign language introduction
  • Hooked on Phonics
  • Art: with an art teacher weekly

Curriculums and Staff at Ivy Prep Early Learning Facility

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, each of our locations offer programs that utilize specialized curriculum that aims to address every aspect of childhood development. And, our highly trained, skilled, and certified instructors keep a close eye on every child to report development. This way, parents are in tune with what their child is doing each day and the achievements they’ve had during their time at school.

We understand that, if you could, you would provide care for your own child. Unfortunately, most parents are not able to do so. But, that doesn’t mean you’d choose just anyone for the job of caring for your child. By choosing Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands and will also get the specialized attention they need to thrive in their everyday environment.

Why Choose Ivy Prep Bayside Location for a Child’s Daycare?

We’re not just a daycare; we’re a learning academy. We’re an establishment that is invested in your child’s early learning. That means that, while we understand it’s important to care for every child’s needs, it’s also important to implement a number of tactics that help children learn. During these early years, the brain is expanding with knowledge with each new day. So, it’s a vital time for development.

All of our programs and curriculums are designed to help children develop learning strategies at an early age so that schooling, in the future, will come second nature. If you’re looking for structured, family-oriented childcare in bayside NY in which your child can learn to love learning, then Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy is the place for you and your family!

What Parents are Saying About our Bayside Facility


  • “My daughter has been at Ivy Prep since she was 4 months old and she just turned 2. All the teachers she’s had have been so wonderful and caring. I know everyone there cares for her and does everything they can to make her happy. I know this because she is truly so excited to go to school every day and see everyone! She has also learned so much like shapes, colors, numbers, animals and songs! I love getting pictures of what she’s doing throughout the day and hearing her yell “YES” when I ask if she had fun at school today. Thank you to everyone at Ivy Prep for making my girl so happy and providing her with a safe, stimulating environment for her to grow and learn!”

    Rozanne S.
  • “The staff at Ivy Prep are wonderful! They are among the kindest and most caring I have ever met. They genuinely love and care for my child as if he were one of their own. My son has been attending since he was 5 months old, and he couldn’t be happier. He has so much fun there, and he has learned a lot. He has definitely advanced developmentally because of them. He loves the staff and the friends he has made in the other children there. I can honestly say that when I drop him off at Ivy Prep, I trust them, and I have no doubt that he is in good hands. I defy anyone to find a better local nursery school/daycare. It is clean, secure, well kept, conveniently located, and reasonably priced. They have a spotless record on the NYC website. They go above and beyond meeting my child’s basic needs and do so many fun and innovative educational activities with my son! We recognize that childcare is difficult work, and they do a superb job, always with a smile and sincere respect for our little one. We can’t say enough nice things about Ivy Prep. We truly appreciate them and don’t know what we would do without them.”

    Katherine V.
  • “My older child has been going to Ivy for 2 years, daycare and Pre-K. He loved it and learned so much. We appreciate the teacher’s concern for the kids and how they always kept us updated on progress, activities and any issues the kids were having. The teachers and administrators have always made time for us, if we had any questions or concerns. Our younger child just started daycare here in September. Needless to say, we wouldn’t have continued going to Ivy Prep if the few bad reviews applied to us. All the teachers my kids have had are wonderful and caring. Like another user said, thank you to everyone at Ivy Prep for making my kids so happy and providing them with a safe, stimulating environment to grow and learn :)”

    Wilson H.
  • “We have had a great experience at Ivy Prep. My daughter has learned so much more than I ever expected and loves her teachers. Everyone greets her with a hug and a smile.”

    La Ne
  • “My son started there at 18months and he is now in pre-k. we really like and trust the staff. it is a clean and organized environment. I would highly recommend this place if you are thinking of enrolling your child here.”

  • “My son has been attending Ive Prep of Bayside since he was 18 months old in 2014, and my daughter will start in just a few weeks when she’s 3 months old at the end of my maternity leave. They have a great schedule (my son goes from 6:30 am – 6:00 pm, and my daughter will be on the same) My son attended their summer camp as well, and had a BLAST! He is currently in full day UPK which is conveniently in the same building, so i will be able to drop/pick-up both kids off together! My son has learned so much and i always here from other parents how “advanced” my son is. They also potty trained him! (SOOO worth it!) I do very little scholastic activities at home, so most of what he has learned, is from Ivy Prep. The teachers are very nice and motherly and care for my son as one of their own.”

    Jennifer M.
  • “Under care/ management of director Christina, I found both excellent teachers and staff at this school.”

    John W.
  • “My son has been attending Ivy League Early Learning since he was 8 months old. He is now 2 1/2 years old. He has been in 3 classrooms. Each room has been a warm welcoming place with clean well-kept facilities. The teachers are attentive and caring. My son is greet by all the staff members and they all say good bye to him everyday. As an educator of over 10 years, I am confident my son’s social and emotional developmental needs are being met. I highly recommend this daycare.”

    Kat S.
  • “They are best my son has advanced so much with this daycare I’m very pleased with the work they do with the kids there the Teachers n Staff are the Best I couldn’t ask for anything better Totally Love them.”

    Candice M.

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