A Few Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Activities

Ivy Prep Team on December 27, 2017

New Year’s Eve is a night filled with adult parties, drinks, and staying up late. But, just because it’s mainly an event scheduled around adult agendas, it doesn’t mean that our little ones can’t benefit from all the fun a fresh, new year brings. If you’re looking for ways to include your kids in the festivities this weekend, there are a few kid-friendly New Year’s Eve activities you can try as a family!

Look at Pictures and Videos of the Past Year

One of the great things about the new year is looking back to see all that you’ve done in the past year. Celebrate your children’s milestones, accomplishments, and even failures by looking back at old photos and videos from 2017 as a family. This will help your children to establish gratitude for all they’ve been through in life thus far, and determine new goals for the upcoming year.

Turn the Christmas Tree into a New Year’s Tree

A Few Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Activities to Try this Year

If you haven’t already taken your Christmas tree down, instead of packing it up and away, consider using the tree for New Year’s Eve activities. First, remove the ornaments. Then, educate your children on what New Year resolutions are, and come up with a few your kids might want to keep in 2018. These can include eating fewer sweets, getting good markings in school, and playing outside more. Then, write these down and attach to the tree so that they may be observed into the new year!

Pick a Fun and Different New Year’s Meal

Take advantage of the celebratory day and choose a meal for dinner which your family may not normally have. If you’re really looking to get your kids involved, choose something they can take part in. Instead of a frozen pizza, make a pizza from scratch and have your children help roll out the dough, smear the sauce, and place ingredients before putting in the oven. Or, get a fondue pot and have all members of the family dip breads and vegetables into creamy cheeses! Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something the whole family can get excited about. With luck, you may find your family develops a New Year’s dinner tradition!

Have a Family Sleepover

Almost everyone stays up to watch the ball drop or to ring in the new year at midnight. So, create an atmosphere in which your kids can get excited to stay up all night and hang out with their favorite people, their parents! Make snacks, set up sleeping areas in front of the television, and pick out some family favorite movies before midnight strikes. To make things even more fun, take guesses at who may not be awake when the ball drops!

Throw a Kid-Friendly Party

If you have friends who have kids, they may also be looking for kid-friendly New Year’s Eve activities. So, contact them to find out what they may be doing. And, if they have nothing planned, have your friends and their kids over for your own New Year’s party! Have the family dress up and make decorations to get prepared. If your friends and their children can’t stay until midnight, you can always have your own makeshift countdown. And, the children can even take part in their own New Year’s toast with their own kid-friendly drinks!

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