Here are Some Infant Growth and Development Milestones!

Ivy Prep Team on September 28, 2018

If you’re the parent or guardian of an infant, you’ve got many fun experiences ahead of you! Your family has welcomed a wonderful little one and this means that you all will be able to watch and nourish the growth of an infant! At their very young age, babies are learning quite a lot. And, as a parent, you can facilitate that learning! Infant growth is a process that is made up of many milestones. These achievements and benchmarks are so important to the success and progress of your little one. Whether the milestone is a cognitive learning experience or the development of a physical ability, your child will show that he or she has learned a little more each day. It’s important for guardians, parents, and childcare providers alike to know more about infant growth and development. Having this knowledge can help people to provide the best environment for infants as they grow and learn!

Some Information About Infant Growth

Here are Some Infant Growth and Development Milestones!As we talked about just a moment ago, infant growth involves a lot of changes. When babies are first born, they begin to take in information from the world around them. They are introduced to a lot of new voices, places, faces, and so forth. So, they quickly begin to register all of these things. And, within a few months, you’ll see so much progress! Not only do they change physically as they grow, but they also show that they understand what it means to communicate more. We’ll talk about this a little later! But, for now, it’s important to point out that the milestones of infant growth aren’t always extremely noticeable.

There are some things that you may not even realize your child is learning. And there are some abilities that your child may develop without even trying. Also, some of the things we learn as children remain with us throughout our entire lives. Believe it or not, some of the tiniest skills that your infant is gaining are going to stay with him or her forever! Alright, now let’s move on to talk a little more about some of the major milestones of infant growth!

Benchmarks in Your Baby’s Life

Even in infancy, your child is learning so much. As the months go on, you’ll notice new skills and abilities in your little one. Here are some of the milestones that you can look forward to seeing in your baby:

  • At birth, you’ll notice that your infant has the ability to suck and swallow. Of course, babies need these skills in order to drink milk.
  • Within the first month of your infant’s life, he or she will also learn to make a fist, strongly grasp items, and raise the head while laying on the stomach.
  • Between 1 and 3 months old, infants will show even more motor skills. They can normally hold and shake their toys. They can also show their emotions! Infants will cry to let you know that they are hungry or tired. They may smile or move their arms and legs around with excitement!
  • At 4-6 months old, infants may babble, laugh, eat purees, and pay closer attention to sounds.
  • As children near the age of 12 months, they’ll begin feeding themselves, standing, and saying words like “mama” and “dada”!

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we are dedicated to making sure your little ones can grow and learn in a positive and fun environment. We know that infant growth should be nurtured. So we offer a program that is designed solely to meet the needs of infants! If you’re interested in our learning programs and services, just contact us today!


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