The Importance of Preschool for Your Child’s Development

Ivy Prep Team on July 8, 2019

You may be wondering if preschool is really important or not. Since preschool is not mandatory or required by the federal government, many parents may not wish to send their child to preschool. And while that’s fine and well, other parents may wonder if their child may be missing out if they aren’t enrolled in preschool. Certainly, the importance of preschool is apparent in the fact that it helps young children develop the necessary skills they’ll use in their academic and social futures. So, if you’re considering whether or not to enroll your child in preschool, you may be wondering how your child will benefit from this type of environment.

Preschool can Help Your Child Develop Socially

The Importance of Preschool for Your Child’s DevelopmentIt might be obvious, but enrolling your child into preschool can help him or her develop socially. While your child certainly will develop social cues from you, your family, and his/her siblings, preschool allows for a completely different environment. One in which your child can learn how children of his/her own age are expected to behave and act. This helps to develop a number of social skills like how to display empathy, compromising, sharing, and learning with a group of peers.

Furthermore, not only will your child develop social skills to use with others of his or her age, but also the social skills needed in an academic environment. Certainly, this helps to prepare your child for their future in kindergarten and beyond. Some of these social skills may include raising a hand to ask a question, taking turns answering questions, and actively communicating with the instructor.

Preschool can Stimulate Cognitive and Mental Development

Along with social development, a preschool atmosphere can help to stimulate learning and mental growth in young children. This is because most preschools, especially early learning academies like Ivy Prep, incorporate learning curriculums to help children learn academic objectives at an early age. Some things your child may learn to help stimulate cognition in preschool may include counting, recognizing colors, reciting the alphabet, and some math. Basically, a preschool atmosphere allows your child to explore more opportunities to develop deeper cognition than simply staying at home or going to a regular daycare.

Preschool can Help Your Child Develop Confidence and Independence

Finally, another thing that defines the importance of preschool is that it can help to encourage young children to be confident. And, aid them in developing independence at a younger age. Preschool gives children the chance to share ideas with peers of the same age, explore new opportunities and learning objectives, and solve problems they may not encounter at home. This allows them the chance to either succeed at new things, whether it be making new friends or solving a math problem. In either case, accomplishing something new sparks confidence. And, confidence fuels independence, which every parent wants to see in their child.

Do You Think that Investing in Preschool is Worth it for Your Child’s Development?

You may be considering preschool so that you can go back to work or spend some quality time alone with yourself, away from your early-aged kids. Or, you simply may want your child to take advantage of the early learning and help with the development that a preschool can offer. Whatever the case, as a parent, you want to make sure that during the time your child spends away from you, they’re in good hands.

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If you want your child to learn the most during their time in preschool, consider an early learning academy, like our Ivy Prep locations in NYC. At each of our locations, we utilize a structured curriculum to keep our students engaged and excited about learning. Plus, we offer small classroom settings of every age group to ensure that every child gets the valued attention from each of our experienced instructors. To schedule to visit one of our locations, book a tour today!


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