The Importance of Play in Child Growth and Development

Ivy Prep Team on August 7, 2018

Whether it’s a game of hide-and-seek or a dress-up activity, children find so much joy in playing! You, as a parent, probably find just as much enjoyment in watching your little ones play together. It’s always fun to see your kids use their imagination. It’s wonderful to see their senses of creativity in action. But, did you know that there’s more to playtime than lots of fun and giggles? Playing is more than simply a great way to pass time or get to know others. It’s actually a major part of healthy child growth and development. The importance of play goes beyond a great day of fun-filled activities. Let’s find just how important playtime really is and how it benefits your child!

Exploring the Importance of Play in Your Child’s Life

The Importance of Play in Child Growth and DevelopmentAs we mentioned, playing is really an important part of child development. It’s a big part of what makes children, well, children! The importance of play really lies in how it adds to the growth of your child. The word “growth” doesn’t necessarily refer to physical growth. Instead, it’s about your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social improvement. So the role and importance of play in child development is actually to help your child to grow in many different areas. Playtime can do a lot more for children than you might realize. Here are a few examples of just how beneficial playing can be for your little ones:

  • Playing encourages creativity. It inspires the imagination and awakens your child’s ability to use these elements of growth.
  • It helps your kids to interact with others. While children play together, they communicate with one another in a way that other group activities just don’t allow. For instance, when kids work together in class, they might not be able to interact physically. School activities often engage kids’ verbal and cognitive action. But, in addition to those actions, playtime involves their physical interactions.
  • Sometimes, kids play alone. But, this isn’t always a bad thing! Think about the iconic tea party, dolls sitting in chairs along with your child. Playing alone gives an opportunity for your little ones to learn more about themselves.
  • Playing helps to produce successful communication. As children interact with their peers during playtime, they can learn more about social engagement. In other words, kids learn how to work together while they play.

Alright, we’ve explored some of the aspects behind the importance of play in your child’s life. Not, we can take a look at how you can help your kids to get the most out of their playtime!

Creating Opportunities for Playing

It may sound strange, but the best thing you can do to help your little ones develop in this area is to literally allow them to play. You can help them to get the most out of playing by giving them the chance to play and have fun! This might involve a little time together as a family after school and work. Perhaps time together at the park can be a part of your family time. Playdates are also great opportunities for social interactions and growth. School also offers your little ones the chance to experience the benefits of playing and growing with peers.

But, we don’t mean any kind of school. We’re talking about an early learning center that is dedicated to making sure your child can develop in various ways! Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we create opportunities for your kids to learn and grow with other children their age. We work to bridge the gap between education and fun, combining the two into our programs! So if you’re looking for a place where your kids can develop in a healthy way, give us a call today!


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