Here’s Why Having Designated Play Areas is Important For Kids

Ivy Prep Team on January 10, 2019

Most kids enjoy snack time. Some may like nap time (although most don’t!) But, basically every single little one loves when it’s time to play! Sometimes, they may even prefer playing over eating snacks or lunch or even dinner. And, more often than not, playtime is more preferable to them than nap time. Although most parents welcome the idea of a nice nap here and there, kids are ready to play instead of sleep. And why not? Playing is fun! So, it only makes sense to make sure your kids have time and space to play and enjoy themselves. That’s right; not only is important to make sure your kids have playtime, but it’s also important to make sure they have the space to do so. This is where designated play areas come in. When kids have a place to play, they have an area where they can be themselves.

All About Designated Play Areas

When we use the word “designated”, it may seem like we’re referring to a strictly specific area where kids are allowed to have fun. In a sense, designated play areas are specific. But, they’re definitely not designed to play intense limitations on your children. Instead, play areas are meant to give your little ones a space where it’s okay and safe to play freely. See, as an adult, it’s important to have a specific place where you feel comfortable to relax and unwind. The same goes for your kiddos. Yes, it’s possible for children to play and have fun in other places, for example, in the car with the family. But, having a great place that is specifically designed for their enjoyment is extremely special!

You can create specific play areas in your home. This allows your kids to remain in a safe area as they spend time with each other and their toys. It also helps them to differentiate various areas of the home and establish helpful boundaries. For instance, the kitchen is a place where safety is definitely critical. There are lots of sharp items and breakable dishes. And it’s important to help kids realize and understand that. Again, this is where designated play areas come in handy. It helps your kids to remember that the kitchen, though a fun place to bond, is a place where it’s important to be safe while the play area is a place where toys can be found.

Play areas can also go beyond the inside of your home. You can create fun and safe outdoor play areas for your little ones, too! This allows them to get fresh air and outdoor play time while remaining safe. Finally, your kids can also have fun at school in the various play areas there!

Learning and Having Fun in the Same Place

Believe it or not, kids actually enjoy school and learning when they are in the right kind of environment. When you’re looking for a place for your kids to hang out while they’re apart from you during the day, it’s absolutely necessary to find a place where your kids can have fun as they learn. Many childcare centers are unsure of how to make learning fun. Some don’t really even include academics and child development in their daily routines. But, Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy is different.

We know that playtime is just as important as learning time, and vice versa. Our goal is to combine fun with learning. It may seem impossible to some. But, we believe that children should be in an atmosphere that encourages learning, healthy development, and fun! So, if that’s the kind of environment you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! Contact us today to learn more!


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