Parenting Tips: How to Teach Kids About Taking Initiative

Ivy Prep Team on February 12, 2019

As your children grow older, it’s important that they learn the importance of taking initiative. This is an important lesson for kids to learn when they’re young because they will continue to use this knowledge as they grow into adulthood. First of all, let’s answer one of the most important questions about this subject. What exactly is initiative? Well, it is the ability to do things independently and without prompting. In simpler terms, taking initiative means acting to improve a situation without having to be asked to do so. For example, if you notice that the trash can is full, you might take the initiative to empty it. If there are dirty dishes in the sink, you might take the initiative to wash them. Perhaps you and your spouse do well in this area. But, maybe you’re not sure how to teach kids how to take initiative in their lives.

Why Do Kids Need to Learn About Taking Initiative?

Again, learning to take initiative will be helpful for your kids as they get older. But, even now as they’re young in age, they can benefit from learning how to take initiative in their lives. When we learn how to do this, we are also gaining a positive skill that will help us to deal with the challenges we may encounter. Just think about it. In your years as an adult, you’ve probably faced a lot of obstacles and challenges. Maybe you’ve been had to figure out how to help a friend plan a party. Or perhaps you’ve had to figure out a way to pay a bill or choose between eating out or staying home. In each of these cases, you had to take the initiative to figure out the best solution.

But, learning how to do that started with a few lessons in your youth. When you were younger, whether you remember it or not, you eventually began to learn how to take initiative. And now it’s time to learn how to teach kids in your life how to take initiative. As they learn from you, your little ones will gain skills that will follow them into adulthood. These skills will help them to make good choices as they grow older. But, they will also help your kids in their everyday lives. As your children interact with their peers, attend school, and spend time with you at home, they’ll be able to use these skills in an effective way.

How to Teach Kids How to Take Initiative

If you’re wondering how to teach kids about taking initiative, remember that you are their example. Your kids learn so much just by watching you. So, you can continue to be a great example to them by taking initiative around the house as well as when you’re out and about. And make lessons out of your actions. Help your kids to understand what you’re doing and why. For example, you could say, “Do you know why Daddy is taking his papers off the table? Well, it’s so that we can have space to eat dinner. I don’t want to leave a mess here.”

Another way you can help your kids to learn about taking initiative is to let them try. Say your child wants to get herself dressed for school in the morning. She does a fine job getting ready but the process takes a little more time than it would if you were helping her. try to wake her up a little earlier. And use other hacks, like picking out the outfit together on the previous night.

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we work to encourage kids to learn and grow in their own ways. So, if you’re interested in providing your kids with a great atmosphere where they can learn to take initiative, interact with their peers, and safely grow, contact us today!


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