Helping Kids Learn How to Make Friends At School

Ivy Prep Team on October 9, 2018

Making friends can be hard! You may remember meeting new people when you moved to a different neighborhood. Or, maybe you can recall sitting next to a new kid on the school bus. What about when you first talked to one of your second-grade classmates? Even if some of those memories are gone, you are still faced with the awkward situation of meeting new people from time to time in adulthood. And, as a parent, you will see your kids experience a lot of the things you may have encountered when you were first learning how to make friends at school. As your children grow and develop, they will need guidance and help from their parents. Learning how to make friends at school can be tough. But, with a little help, your kids can become much more comfortable with it!

The Challenges of Making Friends

Helping Kids Learn How to Make Friends At SchoolIt’s not always easy to speak to people you don’t know. And, it can be hard for people to feel comfortable about social interaction when it involves people they don’t know. Younger children tend to do a fairly good job of working with their peers. But, as kids get a little older, it can be more challenging. There are a few obstacles or things that can make it hard to figure out how to make friends at school. Let’s talk about just a few of the challenges your children might be dealing with when it comes to making new friends and building new relationships with their peers.

Insecurity can make it hard to feel comfortable around other people. Sometimes, kids might wonder if the others will like them. They may feel like they won’t fit in with the others. Shyness can sometimes act as a barrier between people and new friends. Kids who are a little more shy or introverted might feel completely uncomfortable about making friends. Of course, being shy or a little uncomfortable doesn’t mean that a person doesn’t want to make friends. It just sometimes prevents them from being able to do it.

Good communication skills take a while to develop. So, if your child has trouble making friends, it could be because he or she is unsure about how to convey the desire to play and spend time with others.

Learning How to Make Friends At School

So, how can you as a parent help your kids to learn how to make friends at school (and elsewhere, for that matter)? Well, there are a couple of things you can do. For one, you can address the insecure feelings your child may have. Encourage them to be themselves and avoid trying to impress others. Help your kids to see the value in themselves. When you feel good about yourself, you’re less likely to feel insecure when you’re interacting with others. This is definitely true for kids, too!

You can also help your kids to develop good social skills. They will learn more about social interaction as they spend time with others. But, you can help by encouraging them to show themselves friendly. Things like sharing, starting conversations, and inviting others to play are all parts of making friends. These are things you can help your kids to do more comfortably. As they learn how to be kind to others and be friendly, they will likely feel better about making new friends!

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we know the importance of social interaction, making friends, and building communication skills. Our goal is to help your little ones develop cognitively, emotionally, and, yes, socially! If you’re interested in learning more about us, just give us a call today at (866) 216-6750!


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