Social Growth: How Kids Learn to Work With Other Kids

Ivy Prep Team on July 9, 2018

Children generally like to have things done a certain way. Don’t we all? As we grow older and begin to mature, we learn that other people think differently than we do. We find out that everyone has a different opinion. And, hopefully, we learn to respect that fact. But have you ever when we started to understand that it’s important to cooperate with other people? When did we begin to value the action of working together? Well, you might have guessed it by now! But, we all began to take all of this information in as children. In other words, the question isn’t about how we learned as adults. It’s actually a question about how kids learn and develop these skills.

Discovering How Kids Learn and Grow Socially

Social Growth How Kids Learn to Work With Other KidsHow do kids learn and adopt skills that have to do with teamwork and social interactions? If you’ve wondered how kids learn about these things, you’re not the only one! People have studied to find out about this part of child growth and development. It’s been found that kids start developing socially pretty early on. As infants, your kids begin to learn about the world around them. They hear the voices of others. They see other people’s faces. As they grow, they’ll begin to see how people interact with them and the other people around. Social development is taking place through all of these things.

Now, let’s think in terms of how kids learn to use those skills that they’ve seen other people use. They’ve heard their parents hold conversations. So, as kids grow, even before they can speak in a way that’s understandable to other people, they try to converse. This is because they know that communication is a part of successful interactions. When they begin to understand and speak clearly, they can take part in verbal communication more effectively.

How Kids Learn About Teamwork

So, now that your children are beginning to communicate and interact with others, you may begin to see them struggle a little. It’s not easy to understand the needs and desires of others. How other people think is sometimes a mystery to us as adults. The same goes for our kids. But, the best way to help them to learn about teamwork and cooperating with others is to allow them opportunities to grow in this area. You may wonder how exactly you can do that. We’ve got a few ideas!

  • Play dates
  • School
  • Playground time
  • Family projects and games
  • Be an example

As a parent, you can help to involve your kids in teamwork by engaging the whole family in activities. Maybe, you all can do things like games, meal preparation, cleaning, and so forth. You can also be sure to lead by example and work positively with others. School can be a huge help, too. As your kids spend time with their peers, they learn more about social interaction and cooperation. Sometimes, watching others is how kids learn best. So, you can give them to chance to grow in this area by allowing them to interact with other children.

Social Development at Ivy Prep

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we work to make sure your children are developing in various aspects. Some of the progress we look for is in the area of social development. It’s a major part of child growth and development. So, we allow your kids the chance to grow in this area as they work with their peers. Through fun activities in a safe and educational environment, your kids can develop in their ability to interact with others in a healthy way. If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities we offer to your family, contact us! Or, you can schedule a visit to one of our facilities!


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