How to Help Kids Learn About Dealing With Challenges

Ivy Prep Team on March 8, 2019

We all face challenges in life. We encounter changes in our families. Sometimes, we go through changes at work. Other times, we experience differences in our homes. Not all changes are bad! But, they all introduce us to new experiences and, sometimes, challenges. As an adult, you may have learned how to adapt to the changes that come up in life. But, it’s not always easy to deal with the difficulties we face from day to day. Still, with patience and guidance, it becomes easier to work through the obstacles in life. If you have younger children, it may prove to be helpful to them if they learn more about how to deal with challenges and difficult situations at this time in their lives. You can help kids learn how to work through the obstacles in their lives and, as they grow older, they will learn how to approach difficult moments more easily.

When Kids Deal With Challenges

Believe it or not, kids go through stressful situations and moments just like you do. Sometimes, kids face difficult situations that leave them feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable. It’s easy to think that since children don’t have jobs, marriages, or financial worries, they don’t have challenges. But, this isn’t true at all. Young children encounter challenges all the time. And although these difficulties are different than yours, it’s important to know how to help kids cope with and even embrace these moments. Remember, children need coaching from adults who understand how to get through different stages and lessons of life. As your children grow older, they’ll need your help learning how to cope with changes. See, kids deal with things a little differently than adults do. Sometimes, they are unsure about how to face the struggles in their lives. So, it’s best that they have guidance from the caring adults in their lives.

When children face challenges in life, it can sometimes feel like the end of the world to them. And understandably so! Most little ones haven’t experienced a lot of “big” hurdles. So, when they encounter a new obstacle, it can be hard to cope with it. How often has your child mentioned that he never wants to play with his friend again because they had a little disagreement? Or, maybe your little girl has said that she didn’t want to try riding her bike anymore because she didn’t do so well the last time. Children often struggle to see the bigger picture when they’re going through a new and difficult experience. (Let’s face it, most of us struggle in this area, too!) But, you can help them in this area!

How to Help Kids Learn to Get Through Challenging Moments

We all know that challenges don’t stop coming as we age. In fact, it sometimes seems like they increase with time. This is why it’s so critical to figure out how to help kids learn how to deal with and embrace the obstacles that they face. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Encourage your kids to talk to you about their struggles and challenges. This will help them to know that it’s okay to discuss the hard situations and get feedback and guidance. It establishes trust and maturity in dealing with these situations.
  • Help your little ones to use coping methods. For example, you can help them to count to ten when they’re feeling angry. You can suggest a couple of minutes in silence when they’re stressed out.
  • Provide a stress-free environment for them at home and model healthy coping skills for your kids to see.

Finally, motivate your little ones to spend time with their peers. They learn quite a bit about how to deal with the challenges of life when they hang out with friends! Also, be sure your kids are in a positive and healthy atmosphere when they’re away from home. Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we can help with this! Just contact us today to learn more about our learning programs and our fun learning environment!


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