How to Help a Shy Child Get More Involved in School

Ivy Prep Team on May 15, 2018

Help! My child is so shy. She never plays with the other kids. He doesn’t like to communicate with his teachers. What should I do? It’s easy to become discouraged to think about how shy your kids are. Lots of parents stress over the fact that they’re kiddos aren’t too excited about making friends and talking to their educators. But, there are several ways in which you can learn how to help a shy child. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Being Shy Isn’t Wrong!

Some kids are quite content being alone. It doesn’t mean they’re lonely. It doesn’t mean they don’t like to be around other people. It just means that they are comfortable playing by themselves. Although learning centers are places where children can interact with their peers, it’s not mandatory. Our children learn at different paces and in different ways. But, kids who seem to avoid most social interactions aren’t exactly missing out on all social development opportunities. In fact, they may be gaining skills in independence. These skills might be as developed in children who seem to thrive on social interactions.

When you’re thinking about how to help a shy child, there is one important thing you should remember. Your child is unique. Your child isn’t your neighbor’s child. He’s not your nephew. She’s not your friend’s daughter. This wonderful child is yours! And, as a parent, your job is to encourage your kids to be their best selves! So, that might mean playing tag with a group of friends. Or, it might mean sitting alone in a corner playing quietly. It all depends on the personality and preference of your little one.

How To Help a Shy Child

Here are some things you can consider when trying to figure out how to help a shy child:

Encouragement is key! When you want to learn how to help a shy child, remember the importance of encouragement. Let your kids know that it’s ok to do what makes them comfortable when it comes to their learning environment.

Everyone shows enthusiasm differently. Some kids jump up and down before school! They seem to be bursting with excitement. They talk endlessly about their friends and how excited they are to see them. Other children may be less physically engaged. But, it doesn’t mean they’re not excited to go to their education facility. In fact, they may be even more enthusiastic about it than you know. Their shyness might keep them from being as outward about their feelings.

Communication is important. Shy children may communicate with people differently than more outgoing kids. So, it’s critical that parents and educators learn how to communicate with children who are a little quiet or shy. They may prefer for you to speak quietly to them. If a teacher wants to give your shy child instructions, it may be best to do so in a personal way. For example, the child may feel nervous or awkward if the smiling teacher across the room says, “Remember to bring a cool toy from home tomorrow!” It might be better to kneel near the child and say the same words. This may make things a little more comfortable.

Being shy isn’t the same as being “anti-social”. Your shy child isn’t necessarily against being social. Your child may have a quiet temperament. But, he or she might still be very approachable and friendly towards others.

Everyone Can Learn At Ivy Prep!

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we understand that every little one is different. Our instructors are familiar with various learning styles. And, they have knowledge about how to help a shy child who may be in their care. If you want your children to have a great learning experience while interacting with peers, Ivy Prep is the right place! Interested in learning more about our facilities? Contact us today!


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