Halloween Safety Tips for Parents of Young Children

Ivy Prep Team on October 28, 2019

Halloween is certainly an exciting time of the year, especially for little ones. But, as a parent, Halloween may bring about some anxieties and fears. Fortunately, there are some Halloween safety tips parents can take advantage of to be sure that their children are safe this time of year. This way, the entire family can enjoy the Halloween festivities. And, no one has to sit out on the fun!

Whether you plan on going out trick or treating or staying in for the night, there are always things parents can do to ensure the safety of their children on Halloween. In this article, we outline what parents can do before and during Halloween activities commence to make this holiday as safe as can be.

Preparing for Halloween Fun

Of course, Halloween isn’t just about walking around to get candy on Halloween night. It starts with all the fall activities like pictures at pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, and making family-favorite desserts. However, even with these activities, parents can make sure their kiddos are being safe. For example, never let your young child carve their own pumpkin. Instead, allow them to draw the patterns and take out the guts. And, instead of using real fire with candles, try placing battery-operated candles inside your jack-o-lanterns for a safer alternative. Furthermore, when it comes to making desserts, obviously allow your child to do what they can to help. But, when it comes to taking the treats in our out of the oven, make sure to step in and take over. And, don’t let them use any type of sharp objects like knives. All in all, while preparing for holidays can be great fun, it’s important to understand and stick to basic safety techniques during these moments.

Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents of Young ChildrenPlanning on going out into the neighborhood with your little ones to go trick-or-treating? Of course, there are many things parents can do to keep their children safe while trick-or-treating. But, first, you’ll want to make sure you’re on the same page as your kids. So, talk to them about how they should behave before going out for the night. This way, if any emergency situations do come up, they understand what to do. To best prepare, come up with an emergency plan and make sure your children know what to do in case of an emergency. And, go over this emergency plan a few times so that your kids understand exactly what’s expected of them.

Along with a plan for emergencies, your kids should know some basic ground rules for trick-or-treating activities. For example, never crossing the street without looking both ways. And, always being in the presence of an adult. When your kids understand these simple ground rules, going trick-or-treating won’t be as nerve-wracking for you as a parent. And, your kids will be able to have the fun they expect while also remaining safe.

Choosing Outfits Safe for Trick-or-Treating

Along with preparing your kids with emergency plans and safety techniques, you should be aware of your child’s costume. In many cases, kids get hurt on Halloween night not from outside dangers, but from preventable circumstances. Sometimes, these preventable accidents occur due to unsafe costumes. So, before choosing your child’s outfit, consider safety methods like:

  • Making sure that your child’s costume is flame-retardant
  • Choosing an outfit that’s brightly colored or has reflective/glow-in-the-dark markings
  • Preventing vision problems by making sure masks, wigs, and hats don’t cover the eyes
  • Choosing makeup instead of masks that make it harder to see or breathe
  • Writing your home address and name on your child’s costume in the case of an emergency
  • Choosing a costume that fits well, isn’t too big, and avoiding heels to prevent falls

Choosing Safety Every Day of the Year for Your Children

Whether you’re planning a night in or taking your small children out trick-or-treating this Halloween, the important thing is that you’re thinking of your child’s safety. Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we understand that parents don’t only think of their child’s safety on Halloween. Rather, they consider their safety every day of the year!

Developing Good Personal Hygiene Practices in Children

Here at our early learning facilities, we make safety of the children in our care our very first concern. And, like to keep our parents updated on our safety methods and techniques to keep their minds at ease. After all, we know that if you place your children in our care, you should feel confident that we will keep them safe! If you’re looking for a place that your child or children can remain safe during the day while you can’t be around, consider our early learning facilities in NYC. To schedule a visit to any of our locations, contact us on our website!


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