Tips for Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

Ivy Prep Team on October 10, 2019

Congratulations! You’ve just welcomed a new bundle of joy into your family. But, unfortunately, the days of your maternity or paternity leave are not endless. And, you’ll have to get back to work sooner or later. While this transition back to work after having a baby isn’t always easy, there are some things parents can do to make it easier. In this article, we discuss some tips parents going back to work after having a baby can utilize to make this adjustment less challenging. This way, the experience of assimilating back into work life while simultaneously becoming a new parent is as seamless as can be.

Choosing an Early Education Facility Near You

Give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that your baby is being taken care of closeby. This way, your daily commute with your baby isn’t overwhelmingly long. Furthermore, being so close means being able to stop by when you need. This is especially helpful if you’re already or planning to breastfeed. Or, if you just miss your kiddo during the day and want to check in on him or her. Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning, we understand that parents want access to their infants whenever possible. And that there may be moments which parents of infants need to stop by to see their child. So, we give parents access to their infant children whenever needed. This way, parents can feel included in their child’s early education experience.

Visit the Early Education Facility you Choose Beforehand

Tips for Going Back to Work After Having a BabyOne way to make sure that the early educational facility you choose after having a baby is right for you and your schedule is by visiting. Before making the decision on which care facility to choose, schedule appointments to view the facilities you’re considering. This way, you can meet the instructors, ask about visitation policies, and make sure the facility is on your commute route. And, when you go back to work, you’re sure that your child is at the right facility that meets your needs.

Decide Upon the Communication You Wish to Keep

On your initial visit to these facilities, talk about how you will be able to communicate with the care center while you’re at work. Certainly, it can be nerve wracking to get a call from your child’s care facility. Especially if you don’t know what they’re calling about. This is why many parents wish to set up specific times that daycare centers can call for updates. And, establish methods of contacting parents in case of emergencies. Doing so can put a parent of an infant’s mind at ease during the workday. And help to set up healthy communicative methods between educational facility and parents.

Make Sure You’re Confident About the Facility You Choose

If you’re not comfortable about any aspect of an early education facility for the care of your infant, don’t move forward. Parents usually know best when it comes to their children. And, you shouldn’t second-guess your parental instincts! If you’re not feeling right about any aspect of a care center, there’s probably a reason. The place you choose should be a place you feel you can trust with your child’s care.

Choosing Ivy Prep Early Learning for Infant Child Care

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning, we offer infant care for babies ages 6 weeks to 18 months old. And, early learning programs for older age groups of children as well. At each of our NYC facilities, we make sure to provide safe and supportive environments to help parents after having a baby. This way, parents can get back to work and enjoy the early moments of parenthood. And, infants can get the structured care they need from a place parents can trust!

Developing Good Personal Hygiene Practices in Children

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