Exploring Some of the Benefits of an Infant Program

Ivy Prep Team on April 19, 2018

Babies are such wonderful additions to the family. As a parent, you’re probably over the moon about your little one! Infant development is so amazing to watch. Unfortunately, there are responsibilities which sometimes keep parents from being able to stay at home with their children. Work, school, and other situations can prevent you from seeing your child all day long. But, thankfully, there are great child care services which can offer a great environment for your growing child. Let’s explore the advantages of enrolling your baby in an infant program for educational and general care.

What Does an Infant Program Include?

An infant program is a really good option for parents who need an extra hand. You may be wondering, “What exactly is an infant program?” Well, it’s a service that some child care facilities offer for your little ones. Often, we think of child care programs for older children, perhaps those who are 2 years old and up. But, an infant program allows parents to place their babies under the care of professional infant caregivers.

Here at Ivy Prep, our infant program isn’t just a daycare for little ones. It’s an educational environment where your kids can develop their cognitive, motor, and social skills. Yes, even at their young age your babies are learning skills that will stay with them forever!

Advantages of Programs for Infants

Your baby is a unique individual with unique needs. People who are trained to work with infants understand this fact. They also know how to care for children in a way that reflects just how much they care! Infants are constantly growing and becoming more curious about their world. A good infant program will make sure that your child continues to develop in personality and knowledge in a healthy way.

Your child’s mind is ready to take in new information and knowledge! So, this is one of the best times to make sure they’re getting to explore their capabilities. You’d be surprised to see what the brain is able to do, even for a little child! It’s good to have an infant program where kids can be themselves and take in information from in new surroundings.

Programs that cater to little ones are also beneficial in that they offer infants a chance to play and learn with other infants. Social skills are being developed as your kids grow. It’s good for little ones to gain an awareness of others. It’s especially great for them to see how their peers act and react to different things. Being around others is how we learn, so, an infant program is a great place for your child to start learning.

Ivy Preps Infant Program

At Ivy Prep, we offer a safe atmosphere for your kids to learn and play. We’re different from the average daycare center. Our teachers and care providers use an amazing curriculum. It includes some activities that help develop skills in your child. Our curriculum is made to fit the specific needs of your child.

We want to encourage your little one as he or she becomes more aware of the body’s senses. Our infant program monitors your kids, making sure they are growing mentally and socially. And, don’t worry about missing out. Our staff stays in contact with you so you can see your kids’ progress!

Are you ready to enroll your baby in an infant program? Contact Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy today! We have several locations and would love for you to schedule a tour. Come see our facilities and see if Ivy Prep will work for your family!


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