Enroll your child into a program at one of our Ivy Prep
Early Learning locations today!



Enroll your child into a program
at one of our Ivy Prep

Early Learning locations today!

The Enrollment Process for Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Childcare Services

Step One: Give us a call. This will help us to determine which locations and childcare services you may be most interested in. It will also help us to determine a good time for you and your family to come see our facilities. Finally, during this call, we can address and answer any questions you may have that are not already answered on our website.

Step Two: Take a tour. Let us show you why we are different! We give personal tours of the schools and classrooms which usually takes 30-45 minutes. Throughout this tour, we can show you the classrooms your child may utilize while enrolled at our school. And, show you, in person, how the progression of programs will go as your child develops. This way, you’ll be sure your child may incorporate a number of different learning methods, be placed in a safe setting, and have all of his/her needs met each day at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy.

Step Three: Complete the enrollment package. All paperwork needed for this enrollment package will be provided to you at the time of your visit. We want to make sure your child’s safety needs are met. So, enrollment paperwork touches on a number of safety concerns parents may have. Medical and immunization records will need to be requested from a family doctor to complete enrollment paperwork. Once these forms are filled out, you’ll be ready for your enrollment appointment.

Step Four: The enrollment appointment and deposit ensures your child’s spot in a program. During this meeting, our directors and enrollment team will determine that you’ve provided the necessary paperwork and all requirements have been met. In addition, we will request a deposit (one week’s tuition) and a $100 registration fee be paid to hold the child’s seat in the program as spots are limited. However, sometimes, all spots are already filled. When this happens, parents have the option to leave a deposit for a reserved spot in a program in the near future. Often, expecting parents who are looking for infant care in the next year leave deposits to hold their expecting child’s seat.


Step Five: Welcome to the Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy family! Once you’ve made the decision to send your child to Ivy Prep, have completed the enrollment paperwork, and have made a deposit, you’re finished with the enrollment process! And, you can finally sit back, relax, and be confident that your child will get the early education needed to encourage a lifetime of higher learning, achievements, and success!

Enroll Your Child into
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With locations in Bayside, Staten Island, and the Bronx, we provide education opportunities to all New York families!